Scenes from the Bahamas

I hope you guys don’t hate me for doing this today, but I wanted to share some of the scenic photos from our trip to the Bahamas. Despite growing up in Florida, this was my first trip the Bahamas. It’s definitely an easier journey from Florida, but still worth it despite a full day of…


Gingham Style

With inspiration from my recent trip to the Bahamas and denial about the upcoming snow, I’ve been particularly eyeing gingham. Not that it’s unusual for me, I pretty much alternate between gingham and stripes all summer long. Happy to see that the print is still going strong this year! Matching with Mackenzie in gingham! Tiered…


On My Radar

I spent the week with Vineyard Vines and The Moorings in the Bahamas this week. The timing couldn’t have been better with the snow storm that came through earlier this week. Mackenzie, Kelly, Sean, and I have been having a blast! It’s been a little “chilly” here by Bahamas standards but we have no grounds to…


Denim Jacket Love

After last week’s event with Old Navy, I have seriously been contemplating how I went so long without a denim jacket. I just know this is going to be a wardrobe staple this spring and summer. I’ve already worn it a few times this week alone. Speaking of which? I may just wear this exact…


Grocery Staples

When I mentioned on here a couple of years ago that I was intimidated by the grocery store, I got the FULL range of responses. Some people thought I was being downright ridiculous, others shared their tips for how they grocery shop, and then I also had a bunch of people saying that they experienced…


How I Organize Everything

So much of what I do on a daily basis happens online. Because of this, I’ve perfected a bunch of systems to keep me incredibly organized. As a self-employed person, I find it so so so important to be as organized as possible. There is often no one else to pick up the slack or…


6 Recipes to Welcome Spring

After months of hearty soups and cozy dishes, I’m excited for the fresh produce spring brings. We actually had a mushroom, arugula, and tomato frittata this weekend for an at-home brunch. It was delicious!! Can’t wait to try some of Louisa’s recipes in the coming weeks. 6 Recipes to Welcome Spring Guest post by Louisa…


Groundbreaking Florals

I can’t think of florals without quoting The Devil Wears Prada in my head. Last week I was invited to attend an event for Old Navy around their new floral dress collection. It’s so much easier to pop into the city for events and so I imagine I’m going to be going to more than I have the past few years.


Spring Finds Under $50

Year after year, I expect spring to roll around right on March 1. I always forget how cold and snowy and wet it still is this time of year. Even still, I’ve had my eyes on some springy items. Loving these spring staples, all of which are under $50!