Everyday Outfits

Last week I put up a video on my Youtube channel with easy, everyday looks. I do wear the outfits that I put on my blog, and I’m for sure a more casual “fashion” blogger than most. I don’t know… sometimes I feel like blogger/Instagrammer outfits tend to be a little costumey. Yes, they’re gorgeous but…


On My Radar

I was a little high strung this week. I try my best to keep my control-freakness in check but sheesh, I struggled big time one day. But you know what made up for that? It was 70 degrees on Wednesday. I walked into the gym (which, by the way, I don’t know how I used to…


Feeling At Home with Macy’s

I’m going to be making a bigger announcement post, but (!!!) my boyfriend and I are moving in together next week! The list of things that have to get done seems to be getting longer by the day. As excited as I am, one sad thing is that I can no longer use my monogrammed bedding….


Favorite Bath Products

When I say that I take a bath every single day, I really do mean it. And this is in addition to taking regular showers. (I also take a shower after I bathe because I think it’s more hygienic.) It has become a saving grace for the winter months and post-workouts. My trainer at the gym has gotten…


Starry Night

I freaking love pajamas. It’s probably not normal how much I love a good set of pajamas. At the end of a long day, I love slipping into a pair. Or just lounging a bit longer on the weekends. Because I walk the dogs first thing every morning, I immediately put on leggings and a…

Cold Weather

What I Wore to “Fashion Week”

I put “fashion week” in quotes for a couple of reasons. First of all, I only went to one show and it was just a presentation. And second, fashion week has dramatically changed the past couple of seasons, so it’s not what it used to be. For better or for worse! I’ve always enjoyed my experiences with fashion week, particularly when I was living in the city. However, I have determined that it’s really just… not for me.


Finds under $40

Popping in this weekend to share some super adorable finds, all under $40!


On My Radar

One of those weeks where nothing quite went as planned. But to focus on some positives… I had incredible customer service from ADP (my payroll service) and UPS; I feel like great customer service needs to be praised so I’m all about taking surveys and sending the best possible feedback up the chain. I also…