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Treasuring Every Second

I know this sounds like a line, but I really don’t take any time with my parents for granted. Someone messaged me last week about how I deal with not living near my family. It’s complicated, and I have a lot of emotion around it, but I have to say that it makes the time I…


All the Bows for the Holidays

Every year when I switch my wardrobe over from warm to cold weather clothes, I take an inventory of everything in my closet. Year after year, I tell myself I don’t need another black dress. And then I always find at least one that I just have to have. Black dresses are my favorite for…


Meesh Pops!

I finally got my mom to do a little tutorial on her cake pops for my blog. She is the cake pop queen in Tampa. Every day, she’s in the kitchen whipping up hundreds of pops for weddings, birthdays, meetings, and all kinds of other parties. The holidays are one of her busiest times of the…


The 5 Best Ways to Reflect on Your Year

I’m a little in denial about the year coming to an end! One great thing about having a blog is that it serves as a nice reminder of where I was (mentally and physically!) at any given point in time. Documenting my life can be weird at times, but I can’t deny that I love looking…


Festive Finds

I’m always on the hunt for fun things to incorporate into my daily uniform. Sweaters and jeans are my go-to during the winter and it can get monotonous after awhile. I got this turtleneck last year and it’s one of my favorite things to wear when it gets extra chilly. Adding the little scarf just makes it a little more festive for the holidays!

gift ideas

Affordable Gifts for Friends and Coworkers

Okay, I’m going to keep everything in this gift guide under $25. This is perfect for girlfriends, gift exchanges, coworkers, stocking stuffers, and friends that have everything but you still want to get them something fun.

Rounding up some of my top picks here followed by a bigger group. Not going to lie, some of these are tempting just to buy for myself!


On My Radar

I had a few fun things this week, which broke up the normal work week. The first was speaking at a local high school for their career day. I experienced some serious déjà vu as I was getting ready that morning and then walking through the hallways. Felt like I was just in high school,…


Hello, Happy December!

I have been meaning to sit down and write out more of a personal post. Seriously every day it seems like that is my goal and it slips through the cracks. This time of year feels like a BLUR; thought I had all this time after Thanksgiving and then, bam, we’re one week into December….


Beauty Gift Guide

Okay, this has been a post that I have wanted to do since Christmas decorations first hit Target. Gift guides can be sort of fun but also can take a really long time to put together. This one is extra special though because it’s all sort of beauty products that I LOVE. I tried to include as many of my favorites as possible, but I’m sure I forgot some.

In my opinion, beauty products make some of the best gifts out there. I find myself giving from the “beauty” category for my girlfriends and sister. Especially since beauty products can get expensive, I think it’s fun to splurge on a friend you know would never spend the money on herself! I’ve already promised some gifts to my mom (this hand cream) and my sister (the mushroom line). They are generally pretty small too so they’re easy to stuff stockings with 😉