On My Radar

What a great week. It finally felt like a “normal” work week to me and there was a lot of good in every day. Some highlights: a double date in the city, a trip to the dog park without completely turning into a block of ice, and a workout every single day. I have a lot on…


How I’m Journaling!

GUYS! For years I have wanted to journal. Even as a kid, I’d attempt to start a diary over and over again. I have plenty of journals scattered around my childhood bedroom with the one page– maybe two– used. There was something so ~cool~ to me about having a diary to write my deepest thoughts in….


Surviving Winter

Remember how I said this was going to be the year that I didn’t hate winter? I’m still working on it. If I was going to be completely honest, I would still say that I hate it 😉 But I’m lying to myself in an effort to believe it into reality. You know, fake it ’til you…

Cold Weather

Flannel Dress

When we’re in the dead of winter, I really start to miss my ballet flats and dresses! We’re still quite a ways away from bare legs, but last week we did get lucky with some warmer temperatures. I took it as an opportunity to wear this plaid dress with tights. It’s so funny to me how 45 degrees in January feels so “warm,” especially after single-digit temperatures. 45-degrees in October and I’d be bundled up with boots and scarves, the works!


8 Healthy Recipes To Make This Year

If eating healthier is one of your goals this year, definitely check out these recipes. Ever since I started working out regularly, I have found myself craving better foods. I especially didn’t want to ruin what I had done in the gym by reaching for something unhealthy afterward. All of these recipes look amazing, but…


My Winter “At Home” Uniform

If you were to walk into my apartment at any given moment right now, there’s a pretty good chance that I’m wearing something that looks a lot like this. If I’m not wearing this exact outfit, that is. Working from home may have its challenges, but being able to wear super comfortable clothing all day…


TED Talks

Happy Saturday everyone! I’ve been trying post some fun, more affordable shopping items on Saturdays, but I’m trying to not buy anything during the month of January and I don’t want to tempt myself at all. I did want to put out a little request for you though. I’ve been working on revamping my morning routine…


25% Off LL Bean

LL Bean just announced another 25% off sale. Great time to stock up on some items you might need for the rest of the winter, including Bean Boots.


On My Radar

This was the first week after the holidays where I felt like I am 100% back to my regular groove. I love a good routine, so it feels amazing! Even though we’re only a couple of weeks into 2018, I feel like so much has already happened. I have a good feeling about this year!!…