Lilly Notebooks

Normally I would use two three-subject notebooks for all of my classes (one for MW classes and another for my TR classes). But this semester I’m going to test out using a different notebook for each class (of course Lilly ones!). I’m thinking that this is going to cut down on some unnecessary bulk. With…


A little Preview

I’m not ready to show y’all my room yet… but I can tell you the bedding I got! Green gingham from Pottery Barn Kids. I’m using sheets from Martha Stewart… just white with lace trim. And I’m using the same pillows from my regular dorm room bedding. The green matches really well! I promise to…


Organize, Please- Chargers and Cords

Are you one of those people who goes crazy with cords everywhere??? It’s the one part I absolutely hate about technology: Ugly cords hanging everywhere. I saw this trick on a chain email my mom sent me during the summer. But I really liked the idea. And guess what! IT WORKS!!! One of my biggest…


Homework… not yet at least.

School is only a few short days away!!! Those exclamation points aren’t really excitement… More like a type of proclamation. I just arrived in D.C. a few short days ago. I’ve been trying to get my room in order… and it’s almost there. I’ll post pictures once I get everything together (aka after my birthday……



Obviously it’s way too hot out for these now… But my feet are going to be thanking me once the winter rolls around. Soccer Mom and I picked these two pairs up this weekend! Can’t wait! xoxo


Lil Blue Boo- Subway Art

Do you guys follow Lil Blue Boo? Seriously, the best best best crafting/sewing blog ever. Boo (the daughter) is the most precious thing in the entire world. And Ashley is incredibly talented. I’m so jealous of her painting abilities. [No really, take a look at her portraits!!!] I was showing Soccer Mom some of the…


Last Day

Today is my last full day home šŸ™ I leave bright and early Wednesday morning. I’m excited to see all my friends. I can’t wait for crew to start back up. And I’m anxious (in a good way) for my internship. But I’m definitely going to be missing a few things about being home. I’ve…


Post It for Laptops!

Ummmm. Hello. GEN-IUS. A Post It dispenser for laptops!!! I think California Funk is gonna like these too!Some pictures from the Post It website. Oh hello there, Post Its within reach! Don’t forget the milk! The packs are really thin. Which is great because you can still fit your laptop in a case! But they…