summer books

It’s pretty clear by now… I’m a book nerd worm.  In order to save a little money, I got a library card!!!  I felt no older than seven years old filling out the form and signing the back of the card.  I immediately began plucking books off the shelf- I made myself stop at four….


stack of magazines

I’ve been reading a lot every single day (more details on that later).  I completely forgot that my mom has been collecting magazines that I haven’t had a chance to read. I grabbed a few and dug in. Magazines are so much fun to read.  Honestly, I have missed reading magazines.  Digital versions are great,…


tugs winner

I loved reading where everyone likes to vacation- every place seems so wonderful!!!  Now I’m dying to go to the beach…. which I normally hate due to sunburns! Thank you TUGS for offering TWO pairs to give away…. And the winners are: Congratulations Caroline B and HFkinsley!!! Please send me an email and I will get…


watercolors :: citrus

I love summer. Love. Love. Love. I used to hate the heat and, frankly, I still kinda do.  But it’s so nice to have your body completely engulfed in warm air.  I’ve been trying to run every morning.  I really despise running.  Except, I love the feeling of ending a long run.  Unfortunately, running when it’s 95…


Kembrel – Get Dressed.

Get Dressed. Summer 2011 from Kembrel on Vimeo. This video just epitomizes summer evenings with friends (and fashion!). Love it. PS Kembrel is offering a coupon code for you!!!  Get an extra 15% off on any purchase on the site in the next 30 days CODE: getdressed


banana bread

Here’s the deal:  My mom has been out of town… and I’ve been grocery shopping.  This is dangerous for a few reasons.   When I’m at school, I don’t have a car so I can only buy what I can carry.  I get a little carried away when I know that I can just load…


New CP Desktop Wallpaper!

One of my favorite Beatles song is “Here Comes the Sun.” It’s charming, uplifting, and just absolutely perfect for summer. I was listening to it (on repeat, of course) and decided it would make a great summer desktop quotation!!!  Add a cheery Lilly print and voilá! Instructions for downloading wallpaper: Right click on the image….


I miss Little V

Little V graduated on Saturday. And I miss her. {and even Lookie Pookie…. and Helbelle.} and Ben, too. Oh, and Tucker. Did I miss anyone else from the house???  Maybe the 14 carbon monoxide detecters.  No, I don’t miss those. Next year is just not going to be the same without Little V!  She’s heading…