Unabashedly Prep

The story of how I met Fred (the @FECastleberry himself) from Unabashedly Prep is quite unbelievable.  In fact, I actually didn’t believe it!
Little V’s boyfriend is working on an insanely awesome project (don’t worry, I’ll totally fill you in when I’m allowed to) and he was in DC doing a shoot for it.  He called me to find out how to use the university’s new wireless network.  Randomly, I blurted out saying that he just absolutely HAD to connect with “this guy who’s great at photography; he has a blog and his name Fred.”
Literally, Jack handed the phone over to Fred.  And I think the first thing I said was something along the lines of, “Yea right…. Jack, this isn’t funny.”  Way to blow the first impression.
It was so weird.
Long story short, he’s AWESOME.  First as a photographer, and even more so as a person.  Love him!
I was so excited to see my “Dress Code” picture up on Unabashedly Prep this morning!

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… I was debating whether or not to buy that skirt today but was't sure how to wear it. THANKS! haha.