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College Prep sponsor Emma Graham Designs has opened up their Campus Collection, just in time for football season. I really wish Georgetown had a serious football team, solely so we could have had cute tailgates and worn gameday dresses!
Instead of showing the same pictures you can find on the websites of models wearing the dresses, EGD sent me some EGD fans sporting their dresses. They take school spirit to the next level. I think one of the greatest parts of the Campus Collection dresses is that the colors are very specific to the school. I know that Sporty Sister has to really hunt to find gameday clothes with the right shades of blue and orange (#gogators).

Also: Emma Graham Designs is offering 15% off purchases when you use the promotional code “CPCampus15”!

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Emma Graham

Thanks so much! The scallop shorts have been a favorite (a personal fav and customer fav!) and we think they will even look adorable well into the fall/winter with some cute tights and heels!

Emma Graham

Hi Gigi! We hope to carry plus sizes in the future! As a new company we unfortunately can't stock that wide of a size range quite yet but we are getting there! We do have some styles that we recommend that plus size ladies try on due to their flexible sizing/fit. If you are interested in hearing more about these styles please email us at and we will happily fill you in!