Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!!
(My mom and sister are coming up to visit at the end of the week and I’m so excited! Stacy hasn’t seen my apartment yet!!!)
This. Is. Scary. 
Tinkerbell! My mom always made our costumes. But since we lived in Massachusetts, it was always freezing on Halloween. So our costumes were cleverly sewn onto sweatpants and sweatshirts. Oh, so crafty. 
(This picture is also just perfect.)
I loved this costume. I did not love the fact that this was the week we moved to Florida. I was “Winter Barbie.” Ah- just did a quick Google search and found the Barbie doll that the dress was modeled after. I have to give my mom major credit, because I think she did a pretty amazing job!
What was your favorite Halloween costume?

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Paige Ladisic

I wish my mom made my costumes! I love that Winter Barbie picture, SOOOO cute. I was always something really strange when I was a kiddo… once, I was a lobster.

The Modern Prepster

Oh my gosh Carly, thats adorable! When I was in first grade I was a french artist with a little beret and a platter of fake paint, I've also been a sailor, Nancy Drew, Alice in Wonderland, and Cinderella… going on three times. xx


My sister and I were once Laura and Mary from Little House on the Prarie – my mom made our costumes as well! My sister is quiet and blonde, just like Mary and I am the little sister with too much energy who always speaks before thinking. Classic Laura and Mary.

One year in high school my friend and I crafted our own costumes, we were shampoo and conditioner bottles. We bought purple scrubs, made tshirts like the Aussie logo, put barcodes on our back pockets and wore hats on our heads (I was shampoo, it was purple. She was conditioner, it was white!). We loved it and it was crazy comfortable!

Now I work with pre-k students on wednesdays, so I will be wearing a silly hat to make them laugh!


I need your mom to teach me how to sew! She did a great job. I especially like the Holiday Barbie. You were, and remain, so pretty. Have a wonderful day!


Hi Carly! I’m Rachel from www. (a true fledgling blog), and I’ve been reading The College Prepster for several months. I came across this humorous (and somewhat snarky) article about overachievers and thought you might enjoy a quick read.

Hope everything is well in NYC!
(My email isn't working currently, or I would've sent it that way)


I love the sweatshirts! I grew up in Indiana so the few times I went trick-or-treating… it was a necessity. I remember even a few years where coats were required…


Your mom did do an amazing job on that costume. It is such a gift to be able to look at something and know you can copy it. Hope you let her pass on some of those skills to you some day!

Julia D.

My mom made a few of mine when I was younger. I think my favourite was being Jasmine, she did an amazing job making the costume and I may even still have it somewhere.