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Truth: I cannot reread books. The only book I’ve reread in its entirety is Count of Monte Cristo and it was because we read it in eighth grade Language Arts and tenth grade English class. So basically I was forced. (It does, however, remain one of my most favorite books ever.)
Rules of Civility was the first book that I really devoured on the subway rides to and from work every morning and evening. I would seriously consider leaving for work early just so I could get to reading quicker. And I always took the 6 uptown for the extra few minutes of reading at night– willingly taking a longer subway ride definitely signifies a good read.
This isn’t a book that would normally pique my interest. I base books off jacket covers, titles, and friend recommendations. (I know, I know… don’t just a book by its cover…) This book only hit one of these, which was my friend recommended it to me. I wanted to read a book about the city since I just moved and was still getting a lay of the land.
I loved it.
The references to Manhattan landmarks and street names made the book even better. One scene takes place on the exact block I live on!!!!!!! Maybe that’s lame, but it made me feel even more attached to the characters.
I’m fairly certain that I will make a tradition of reading Rules of Civility every fall!
What’s on your to-read shelf? Reading anything amazing that I should be aware of?

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I just read Gone Girl, which if you haven't read already, you definitely should! I'm about to start reading The Hobbit with a blog friend of mine. Rules of Civility looks like a good read; I'll be putting that on my list of what to read next!


My to-read shelf is alarmingly huge, but right now I'm looking forward to read The Hunger Games and Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking. Still don't know which one will be next! I'm definitely going to have to put Rules of Civility on my to-read list as well, I've heard so many good things about it. That's so cool there was a scene where you live! 🙂

Right now I'm reading an amazing book by Bill Bryson, At Home. It details the history of how our houses came to be as they are today. It's absolutely fascinating! Bryson makes a dry history something that reads like a novel.


I have been soo behind on reading lately. I always say I'm going to read on the trains but then I end up listening to my iPod and occassionaly falling asleep…shameful!

The Yuppie Files

I just finished The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. It seems everyone had read it but I'm like you- it didn't meet any of my interests. I had to read it for my work book club & its fascinating! There's a little bit of history of medical research in the U.S. but its mixed into this story about Lacks so its really interesting. I am a non-science person so the fact I really liked this book is a good sign.

Whitney of Washington

I just started this book and I agree – it's wonderful! My Mom's book club read it and she recommended that I read it. I’m quite excited about the weekend and some uninterrupted reading time.

So glad you enjoyed it!


This is one of my very favorite books! A friend recommended it to me last year and I absolutely devoured it!


I've had my eye on this book for a while; so glad you enjoyed! I just finished reading The Great Gatsby (second time since high school, but first time not having it assigned to me), and am just in love with the beauty of the language and by how surprisingly current it still is with its portrait of socialite culture–Rules of Civility seems to be so much in the same vein, and Gatsby also takes place in New York, so maybe it'd be a fitting next choice for you!

kelli richard

I just read "The Fault in Our Stars," by John Green, which is technically a young adult book but doesn't feel like it. It was also named the #1 new book of 2012 by the NY Times. I hope you like it, oh man, it is fabulous.

Puppies and Pearls

I am half way through this book and I am loving it. I can see how it would be an amazing book to read while living in NYC. If you haven't ready it, you should try "Summer at Tiffany's". It isn't written especially well but it is a true story and very interesting!

Cristina Monny

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Julia D.

I'm reading a book about evolution of political targeting during elections right now that I'm finding really interesting (major politics nerd!), and then I think I'll read something by Steinbeck or another classic, because those are my favourite.