Things I’m Loving…

This was such a fun week. It was great to be home last week for Thanksgiving and as sad as I was to come back early, having a weekend to catch up before launching into the full swing of things was amazing. I definitely needed to catch up on sleep, catch up on emails, catch up on… life. But I went into Monday with my fuel tank at 100%.
When you’re at 100%, I’ve learned, everything seems a lot better. Songs sound better, food taste better, clothes seem cooler. Without further ado, the five things I’m loving right now.
Kind Bars | There are always boxes of these in our kitchen at work, and I’m officially addicted. They also have them at Starbucks and every time I’m at the counter they tempt me. The almond and coconut ones are the best. THE BEST. And the cranberry and almond ones are really good too. They’re the perfect size, the right consistency, and the most amazing of flavors. Eat it.
“Ivy” by High Highs | Sarah (Note to Self) recommended that I listen to this song and it’s amazing. Straight up amazing. I had it on repeat for a good three full hours that night and I’ve been playing it on and off since. Amazing. Download.

Target | Oh, hello. I missed suburban Targets. While I was home, I went (on Black Friday…) and found a ton of things. First up were the chunkiest of sweaters. They’re not amazing quality, so they’ll likely be a 2012 winter type sweater (i.e. tossed before next winter)… but they’re going to be really great for the next few weeks. And then I found a super cute plaid scarf!!! It looks so cute with a peacoat.
Gingerbread Lattes | I typically don’t like the seasonal drinks at Starbucks. (I like the taste of the pumpkin spice, but the color of it so disgusting that I can’t drink it.) I tried the gingerbread latte, after Stacy recommended it…. and it’s really good. Not too sweet, so you don’t suck it down too quick. But also a lot tastier than plain coffee. It’s my new winter reward.
Red | The color. In January, I said that red was going to be my color of the year. And it’s (officially) December and red is still my color. I can’t get enough of it. Red sweaters. Red jeans. Red keychains. Red, Red, Red.
What things did you love this week?

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Miranda Haley

I love target, I bought that scarf you have pictured. I bought a blue peacoat and then couldn't find a scarf to match and the plaid scarf had the exact blue of my peacoat! How do you feel about the Target/Neiman Marcus collaboration?? Any favorite items?

Alexandrea J. Wilson

I am loving this blog! I just found you like a month ago and every post you make, I truly love an am excited to read so that's what I'm loving right now! 🙂 lol

Also I am SERIOUSLY in love with Pink's new song, Try. I've been playing that on repeat like SERIOUSLY. It's insane, but I just love this song so much. 🙂 (I'm even listening to it right now…)


I haven't gone to a Target but I heard the collaboration with Nieman Marcus and saw the photos of the party. Target is bad for my wallet. You always say you aren't going to come out with anything but end up too, especially that dollar section.

Caramel Brûlée Latte is my favorite holiday drink especially towards Christmas. I love the whip cream with the zigzag of the caramel ummm… so yummy


I got that scarf a few weeks ago! I've always loved gingerbread lattes and everyone else I know seems to detest them. I found a new favorite starbucks drink though: a soy chai latte w/ toffee nut syrup! It tastes like dessert. I'm also loving my new keurig-one cup of coffee w/ no leftovers and no pot to wash…probably a little late to this but oh well!

Alexandrea J. Wilson

Ok and just so you know, I now cannot stop listening to the High Highs because of you! 🙂 LOL I've been listening to Flowers Bloom like it's about to go out of style! 🙂 LOL How have I never heard of them before? They are awesome!