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There are always a million and a half things circulating around the internet, right? I find it a little bit overwhelming… but I do love getting lost in Buzzfeed posts and Youtube videos and other articles that I find. Twitter and Facebook are always great sources for finding new gems.
The internet is full of some pretty amazing things… it just takes sorting through most of the junk to get to it. 
So what’s on my radar?
ONE // Great Gatsby Monogram Maker. I found this randomly and it’s quite fun to play with. I haven’t seen The Great Gatsby quite yet, but I’m planning on seeing it this weekend!
TWO // Ice Wave. Have you seen this video? I don’t even have words. This is incredibly scary and just…. honestly, out of this world.
THREE // Eesha Khare is amazing. The 18 year old invented a device that can charge a cellphone in seconds. Seconds. You want to know how I feel about this? #GirlsRunTheWorld

FOUR // This is the most inspiring site, um, ever. The beautiful visuals and the amazing quotations are the best! I spend way too long going through pages and pages of these inspiring manifestos.

FIVE // You define your 20s. So many messages. Too sexual. Too lazy. Save a lot! Save nothing. Get experience. Lean In. Don’t worry about marriage. You have to find your husband now. It’s confusing!!! Who should we really be listening to? I love this (and I’m definitely the mysteriously quoted co-worker).

Let me know what else should be on my radar. Leave a comment!


PS I couldn’t forget about Zach Sobiech.

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Kate Mitchell

Love that Define Your 20s piece! I just graduated from college and I'm fortunate enough to have a job lined up, but there is so much more to life that is stressful and I'm glad to read an article that shows me I'm not alone. I've recently started reading/checking out Levo League thanks to you, and I'm loving what I see. Thanks for sharing!



#5 is SO FLIPPING TRUE!!!!! I've been drafting a redrafting and rewriting a post for a couple weeks now and you said it exactly right. I just want to yell at everyone and be like, "What if I don't feel like Leaning In?!?!?" A big thank you for that one!!!

And I just re-read Gatsby last week so I can go see the movie this weekend ­čÖé

Anna @ IHOD

Zach made my week. He probably will actually give hundreds of individuals a closer look at their lives. K, now I need to check out some of these other most intriguing links;)

Meghan Simmet

Having grown up going to school and church with Zach and his family, it is so incredible to see how wide of an impact he made with his beautiful life. As someone who started out as a sort of "hometown hero," it's still surreal to see him show up all over the Internet, but completely not surprising given his truly inspiring message. Thank you for sharing here!


#2 is actually about 30 minutes from my home town back in Minnesota!!! That happens all the time on the lakes as the ice finally starts to melt it gets pushed up onto the shore in sheets! Too crazy, I'm so glad Minnesota made your blog!!! Much love.

3 Peanuts

LOVE that video of Zach. I had not seen it before and it deeply moved me. Thank you so much for sharing it. He understood that the whole meaning of life is to love others and to make others happy. Most people never figure that out.

Have you read The Defining Decade? We read it last month for book club. Wish I read it when I was your age! Although it had not been written yet.