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How do you guys feel about Friday the Thirteenth? I’m pretty superstitious about a lot of things, but not really the day. Not much to report on the week… Kind of like the weather, it was kind of blah. (Which honestly has been a breath of fresh air! Love being able to take the days a bit slower and not rush around the city for meetings.)
I’ve been following Tavi’s career since she was 13. What I love about her is she didn’t let her precocious-fashion-blogger moment turn into simply fifteen minutes of fame– she’s really matured and grown with every year. Now she’s 18 and all signs are definitely pointing to the beginning of a very long and amazing career. This NY Times article is a great read and definitely inspiring! (Love that she’s a list-maker… girl after my own heart!)

TWO // Lennon and Maisy
I love this sister duo. (I definitely love a good conspiracy theory and I’m convinced that ABC released that one Youtube video after they were already casted, but before it was announced, to create some viral buzz… I digress…) This video is beyond adorable. Maisy is growing up and Miss Lennon is certainly growing up as well. A cute, kitschy family kind of video.

THREE // The College Prepster App!

It’s here! It’s here!!!! It’s super early, but I couldn’t wait to share it with everyone. More updates to come that will make it even better. Links within text to come (that’s personally driving me crazy) and a few other things that will make it even easier to read and navigate. A couple of hints: You can bookmark your favorite posts to read later (even without wifi or service!), you can share your favorite posts too, and don’t forget to swipe left and right between articles! (Only available for iPhones right now.)

FOUR // “All By Myself”

Y’all. This video. I was dying. This poor guy gets stuck in an airport overnight and he just cranks up the creativity. He filmed this completely by himself in the airport. I was crying with laughter… He was super innovative with the way he filmed. The escalator shots are particularly stellar.

FIVE // Monogrammed Chambray Blazer

Absolutely obsessed with this monogrammed chambray blazer from Two Penny Blue. They sent me one and it’s the perfect thing to throw on with a cute dress for chilly nights or with white jeans and wedges for a cute daytime look! The best part? For every blazer purchased, they donate a school uniform to a student in Africa.

What’s on your radar this week?

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I am generally a very superstitious person! However, I had my final math exam today and therefore I tried to ignore the fact that today was a Friday the Thirteenth. But actually, the number thirteen is a supposed to be considered a lucky number for jewish people and I am jewish, so that's a good thing!

Kristen Bruning

Hahaha that video of the guy in the airport was hilarious! I can't believe he shot that all himself… pretty impressive. Also, the video of Lennon and Maisy is just too cute!

Also I've already downloaded the app and I love it!

Life & Laughter

Mana Smith

I'm so excited about your app, I just downloaded it. And I'm not superstitious at all. I think Friday the 13th is probably one of my favorite days. Because it's super easy to convince my husband to have a scary movie night in with me.

Fashion and Happy Things