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I have a bunch of quick trips lined up over the next few weeks. I love seeing new places and meeting new people; I do not love packing. Really, it’s not my thing. I wish Floo powder existed not to cut down on travel time (although that would be nice), but only so I could have access to my closet during a trip– I’d pop in every morning to pick out my outfit and then head back to wherever!
Short trips are even harder as I try to keep my packing to a minimum. Small bag, pieces I can mix and match, and sacrifices on hair/makeup. I have a whole lot of little bags that help out with staying organized while traveling light.

Tote with Long Handles // I love my Longchamp and also Lo & Sons bag for carrying all of my personal belongings as well as work related things. My motto is “ABC” when traveling which stands for Always Bring Computer. Typically, in this bag, I will break down the contents of my handbag so that I have my wallet, headphones, chapstick, keys, etc. with me. I’ll throw in whatever notebook is most important, extra pens, a book (I always bring a book, too), and my laptop. PLUS, any essential cords and chargers.
Weekender // There are so many great weekender bags out there right now. This faux leather bag and a monogrammed canvas bag top my list of favorites. These bags really aren’t too big, but they fit just enough for about two days of travel, three if you pack extra efficiently. Sometimes I wish I could just put together a big suitcase with ten options of shoes and a second outfit change for every day… but the small bag really helps me stay focused on the essentials! (If you do need more room, you can’t go wrong with a classic Vera Bradley Duffel.)
Cosmetic Bags // I allow myself two cosmetic bags for a short trip. One for makeup and lotion and one for jewelry/accessories. This bow one is too cute! I plan out my jewelry like I plan my outfits so I don’t have extra weight and I don’t bring all the makeup I use, just the bare necessities. (For example, I won’t bring a whole eye shadow palette, but I’ll swap out my normal bronzer for a shimmer brick so I can use that for eyeshadow if I want.) 
Do you have any great tips for traveling light?!


PS In case you’re wondering… Mark your calendars for a meet in greet in Boston on October 25 and another in Atlanta on November 7th! More details to follow! (I’m going to be in Charleston the 17-19th and not planning anything official, but…. if enough people email me about it, I’ll make something happen!)

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Funny- I literally JUST zipped up my carry-on suitcase for a weeklong trip to Paris, and am super proud that there is ROOM in my bag! My tips: always wear the biggest clothes on the plane (boots and coats!), stick to one color palette, stuff shoes with socks and other small items, remove one piece of clothing before you zip up your bag, and ROLL EVERYTHING!

Sara Elizabeth

I love the Kate Spade bow bag!! That is the cutest! I definitely have the monogrammed totes in all sizes for light travel/weekending… they are my absolute favs!

Maddie Hammond

My Longchamp is easily one of my best purchases, I've used it almost daily for school/work/rehearsals for the past two years and the corners are just starting to wear. I'm glad you recommended it for all your readers!

Maddie Hammond


Omg I think I'll be able to see you in Boston because I'm going there that weekend for a college visit!! Also, does Tuckernuck ship fast, because I would really love to take that as my weekender bag!

Olivia Stieren

AHHH, Atlanta!!! Such a beautiful time of the year to come here. I'm devastated though because I might be leaving that day to go visit my mom for her birthday…depending on what time the meet and greet is, I truly hope I can meet you!

Brianna Kolota

Can you come to Gainesville, Florida, please? 🙂 I've been a fan for years and would love the opportunity to meet you! I know a lot of other people in Gainesville who are longtime readers as well.