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I’m in Chicago right now and having the best time. I’m just spending time with friends but also squeezing in a few touristy things. I just love this city so much! (It also doesn’t hurt that it’s basically perfect weather right now.)
I’ll be sharing more about my trip to come, but in the meantime, a friendly little tip!
Backup your devices!!!! I always forget to do this and then someone will post a tweet about losing everything on their phones, and I remember. So hopefully this is a good reminder in case you’re behind on your backing up.
My phone has been having battery issues, and it finally bit the dust; naturally this is while I’m traveling. A quick trip to the Apple store and I walked away with a brand new phone! Thankfully, I had randomly just backed up my entire phone to iTunes, AND I had backed up all my photos to Dropbox, just in case. I didn’t lose a thing– not even the photos from my trip– in the process. I am so relieved. Trust me. You’ll be thankful to have an updated backup should anything happen.
[Side note about backing up your photos: I used to use Carousel all the time and loved it. They recently shut it down and brought it back within the Dropbox app! I am obsessed with it and love that I can access my photos from any device or laptop, even if it’s not my own. As long as I have a wifi connection and a device with an internet browser, I’m good to go.]
Here’s what has been on my radar for the week:

ONE // College Entry Essays

I love that the NY Times publishes some of the top college essays every year. I always look forward to it. This years’ top pieces are great. It’s a great way to get a sense of what makes an essay great; if you’re applying to college soon file this away!

TWO // National Doughnut Tour

One of my friends from college launched the cutest baking blog. (It often gets picked up and reblogged by, so you know it’s good!) She decided to go on a “national doughnut tour” with one of her friends; they just completed the checklist! It took them two years, but they made it to every one of the best doughnut shops around the country. What a fun way to stay connected with a friend too.

THREE // Post-It War

This story is such a great feel-good one. There is a post-it war going on between two office buildings. So many companies have gotten involved at this point, and the results are quite creative! I couldn’t help but smile as I scrolled through the photos.

FOUR // Striped Monogrammed Weekender

My favorite weekender bag is now available in a navy striped version, and it’s just too cute. I don’t need another one, but if you happen to be in the market, this is the one I’d recommend. It’s so cute, and I think the stripes make it perfect for a travel bag as it’ll disguise and stains that might pop up while on the go.

FIVE // Brielle-iant!

Brielle, the tiny and adorable and crazy smart girl, has a digital series for the Ellen show. I’ve watched this multiple times, and every viewing makes me smile a bit bigger. At the very least watch the part where she talks about the bones in the hand (about 2:30 into the video). I cannot handle the cuteness!

Anything fun on your radar for the week?
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Glad to hear you're having fun in Chicago! It's one of my favorite cities. That post-it war just made my day, and I DO happen to be in the market for a sunshine satchel, so how exciting is this? Thanks for always keeping us in the know!

Kristin H

Welcome to Chicago! You got here just in time for the nice weather. I absolutely adore the monogramed weekender bag. I'm from Texas, so like 75% of my items are monogramed. I've been favoring the diamond pattern lately!


Allie Provost

i have come so close to losing all of my memory on phone…i should have probably learned my lesson by now haha whoopsies! have an amazing time in chicago!!


Heather A.

I just posted on my blog the importance of backing up your photos in Dropbox (and shared Gboard because I've been loving it since you posted about it last week!) I've also been looking at ordering that striped weekender for my monogram shop! I have the solid one and it's been my favorite but who doesn't love navy stripes too?!

Have a great weekend, I've been loving your Chicago snaps!

xo Heather
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