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This has been a bit of a low-key but still crazy week. We’re heading to Ireland next Thursday (omg!!!) so we’re kind of in full-blown get ready mode. It’s also been such an enjoyable past few days with temperatures well over eighty degrees. 
Actually I think the dogs have enjoyed it the most. They’re both getting summer cuts today and I’m sure they will be ready to go for hours of fetch.
ONE // DCOM Marathon
Half of you are probably too young to have seen these classics when they came out, but I know half of you are going to be pumped about this. Disney Channel is doing a DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie) marathon all. weekend. long. This is not a drill. Here’s the full lineup.
Remember the days when they had a new one every month? My parents had “date night” every Saturday which meant my sister and I had a babysitter. The Saturday nights with new DCOMs were the BEST! At one point there was a contest to appear in a one (Rip Girls, obviously) and I was one of the second place winners. Instead of winning a cameo, I got every single Radio Disney CD that ever existed, haha!

I try not to Uber a lot (at least in NYC), but when I was in Chicago I had an amazing experience with every single one I took. But I found this NPR piece fascinating on how Uber is so successful and how our brains behave the way they behave with the app!

THREE // Leather Scalloped Clutch

How gorgeous is this scalloped clutch? It’s such a great piece to have on hand (pun intended) this summer.

FOUR // A League of Their Own (Rowing)

This video made its rounds of the rowing social media community. I love when he says, “I thought it would be easier than it was.” One of the best parts of rowing is that when you’re rowing well, it should look easy. That almost always means that people think it is easy though and it’s definitely not!

FIVE // MK&A Open The Row in NYC

Mary Kate and Ashley’s fashion line The Row is opening its doors in NYC. I want to go so bad! Located on the Upper East Side, it’s supposed to feel like an intimate, home-y shopping experience. It looks like an experience, to say the least.

Hope everyone enjoys their Memorial Day Weekend!

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Meaghan Dunn

I love your navy pullover too! Would you mind sharing where you got it? It looks like a great fall transitional piece.