Little Loves ❤️

My friend Naomi does a series on her blog comprised of little letters. (If you don’t follow her blog, you should! She was one of the first blogs I followed… we were both in DC at the time, I was in college and she had just had her daughter Eleanor.) I’m totally copying her today…


Bow Sleeve Sweater

Remember my January spending freeze? Well, I broke it on February first by buying this sweater. I haven’t purchased any other clothes since (I’m feeling pretty proud of myself…), but I just had to have this one. I think that’s been my favorite part about the freeze. Now when I buy something it’s because I reallllllllly want…


What to Cook for Valentine’s Day

I want to make everything in this post! Maybe I’ll just have to hole myself up in the kitchen and make everything for myself. What a feast that would be. ❤ What to Cook for Valentine’s Day Guest post by Louisa from Living Lou Hate it, or love it, Valentine’s Day is coming up, and…


Hearts and Stripes

Chocolate dipped strawberries are delicious. End of story. I think they have a reputation for being a fancier dessert, but in my opinion, there’s no bad time to have a few. With Valentine’s Day coming up, we made a few last week as a snack and, ugh, they are so good! I really like them,…


My Favorite White Shirts

Someone DMed me the other day asking about my favorite white shirts. Besides grey sweaters, I can’t seem to get enough white shirts. I have a huge selection because I find that they’re perfect for just about every occasion. So I have to confess that my NUMBER ONE favorite shirt is an oxford cloth button down from…


On My Radar

Trying to balance a heavier workload with an upcoming move is starting to drive me crazy! I am all about making lists right now because it’s the only thing keeping my head afloat. A few people asked if I could do a post on moving and honestly? Making lists and trying just to get stuff…


Everyday Chic

In an effort to wear more of what I already own, I’ve been trying to sift through my closet and really find out what my favorite pieces are.


Blogging Tips PART 2

About two years ago, I wrote a giant post with all of my blogging tips. It remains one of my most clicked posts and I send it out no fewer than 20 times a week via email or Instagram DMs. A lot of you want to start blogs and I think it’s great. Yes, it’s a…


Valentine’s Day Dress

I will likely be having a super low-key Valentine’s Day. I might get together with a few of my girlfriends to go see the new 50 Shades movie that week, haha! But otherwise no real plans. But… if you do have plans and want a red dress. This sweater dress is gorgeous! It’s actually a great dress…