Carly the Prepster

Have you guys noticed the new changes around here? I recently underwent a mini rebrand. I didn’t want to make a big deal about it because, in a lot of ways, it’s not a big deal. My goal for the rebrand was to make it feel very seamless because nothing was really changing except for the…

gift ideas

Gift Guide: For You

It’s the first gift guide of the season. And I’m starting with you. Who better to kick off the gift guide than with gifts for yourself. Surprisingly, this is my most requested post year after year. You can use it to put together your own wishlist or send along to a significant other/aunt/mom/whomever. Or spoil yourself!


Big Savings this Holiday Season

Okay, I have a pretty big confession with this outfit post. I totally stole the whole idea for the outfit from a friend. She wore this once, head to toe, and I have been obsessed with the outfit ever since. I’ve tried to recreate a few times but couldn’t find the right pieces. This post…


What to Do with Advice That You Didn’t Ask For

I think all of us have experienced getting unsolicited advice at one point or another. Sometimes it’s helpful, but often it’s completely unwanted. I always think in my head, “If I wanted your advice, I would have asked.” I try to catch myself before offering advice to other people, especially friends when they haven’t asked. Sometimes people…

Cold Weather

Patagonia on Sale!

Backcountry is offering 20% off one item right now, and that includes PATAGONIA! This is the perfect opportunity to pick up a gift for someone (or yourself). Backcountry has the best gear on the market with free two-day shipping. I make a few purchases throughout the winter for new ski stuff, maybe a new coat to fill the void, and always for a gift or two.


At the Dog Park

These photos are about a month old, and I forgot to post them! Sadly, I think the days of bare legs in the park are gone until next summer. The past few days have been frigid here in Connecticut. It definitely gets colder, but there’s something about that first cold spell that feels particularly harsh. So far I’ve resisted wearing gloves, but I did have to dig through my storage drawers to find them (just in case).


Getting the Best Night’s Sleep

Getting the best night’s sleep is something that I’m always working on. I wish I could say that my head hits the pillow, I fall into a deep sleep and wake up rested. The truth is, more often than not I struggle with my sleep routine. Some of this is from “human error” (e.g., me…


On My Radar

Instead of recapping my week (which was the same as every other week pretty much: workouts and working!), I’d love just to ask you guys what type of “gift” content you want to see in the coming weeks. I’ve started my shopping list (it’s looking good) for my family, and I’m already getting emails and DMs…