Sticking to New Year’s Resolutions

This is just a fun weekend post with some items you may need for your New Year’s resolutions. I shared some of my personal goals for 2018 earlier this week. I’m feeling pretty good about staying on top of things. THIS YEAR I WILL… Drink More Water Stay Organized Travel More Read Every Day Journal…


On My Radar

Happy Friday everyone! I’m currently in Vermont, and…. omg, I just love it here. It’s reinvigorated my hunt for a little house up here. (My friend Abby recently posted a tour of her Vermont house, and it’s everything that I’ve dreamed of.) I know a lot of people want to retire someplace warm like Florida, but Vermont has…


Après Ski

I’m in Stowe right now for a ski trip! It was a little last minute, but after finding the cutest chalet on Airbnb, it was hard to say no to a few days of skiing. Of course, Vermont (as most of the country) is experiencing a cold snap, so it’s supposed to be pretty frigid. All things considered, it’s looking like we’re going to have a bit of luck with two twenty degree days (as opposed to the negatives for the rest of the week). Fingers crossed it’s bearable!


My Anti-Wrinkle Secret

Over the past couple of years, I have been trying to incorporate anti-aging products into my daily beauty routine. I haven’t found something that I totally loved, so I opted for prevention instead of correction. I grew up in Florida as a very pale kid with a family of people who tanned to golden brown…


Lilly Pulitzer S’Well Bottle Giveaway

I knew the Lilly Pulitzer S’Well bottles they released earlier this winter would sell out. My friend and I were at the ready online to try to get one. I was pretty lucky and got all three… and then went to the store in Greenwich just in time to scoop up the last one in stores….


2018 Goals

In past years I have made resolutions and failed miserably. For me, the problem was not making goals that I was actually passionate about or wanted to change. The number one thing I’ve learned about success and staying motivated is that you have to have the desire. So… I started changing my resolutions to things that…


hello 2018

Oh! I’m excited about 2018. I have a good feeling about it. After such a great 2017, I think I’m starting off the year on the right foot. I actually have butterflies thinking about what this year may bring. I’ll be back with more detailed goals in a few days. I have been trying to…


2017 Favorites

What. A. Year. Last year was such a rough year, personally, that it wouldn’t take much to make 2017 better. I didn’t have too many expectations at the beginning of the year, and boy, was I in for some amazing surprises. I was thinking about how I started the year, and it wasn’t pretty. I…



A few days ago, I celebrated the ninth anniversary of this blog. Maybe a little ironically, I was taking a week off from blogging while the day came and went. Now that it’s my full-time job, I post every single day, except for one week around Christmas. I look forward to that week starting in…