Living for Fall

Cold Weather

Fuzzy Foliage

I went through a bunch of variations of this outfit before landing on this for the post. Sometimes, outfits that look amazing in person don’t end up photographing well or translating to “blog worthy.” I really wanted to showcase these velvet jeans in the best light. The truth is that you can pretty much wear them as you would jeans. They can be casual or dressed up with heels… perfect for holiday parties when you want to wear pants instead of a dress.


Holiday Shoes

I couldn’t wait to get this post up. This morning I got back from the chiropractor and checked my mailbox before walking upstairs. Over the past two years, I’ve gotten on so many catalog mailing lists, but there’s always a few I look for specifically. Talbots is one!

This month’s catalog did not disappoint and, while there’s a ton of cute stuff in there (like this ski/tree sweater), it’s the SHOES that steal the show. So many adorable shoes, perfect for the upcoming holiday season. Guys… I want them all. All the heart eyes… Also, today is the last day of their friends and family sale, so you can use “FRIENDS30” at checkout for 30% off.


Dealing with Friend Envy

I love seeing my friends succeed. In fact, my friends are killing it right now. They’re writing books (hey Max), growing businesses, starting families, traveling the world, going to graduate school. Even though I love seeing them succeed, sometimes I’m still guilty of feeling a little envious from time to time. I’m not proud of that,…


The New Apple Watch

When I watched the Apple presentation in September, I was blown away by the new Apple Watch. The thing is, I have an Apple Watch already. I wear it frequently, but not every day. The new watch though has cellular, which means you can walk away from your phone and still be “connected” without feeling tethered….


Fall Playlist

Happy Weekend! Bose generously sent me one of their newest speakers. (Holiday Hint: these are my favorite gifts to give, and the SoundLink Color was last year’s best seller on the blog for holiday shopping!) The super tiny speaker is adorable (it’s navy!), and I always have it out while I’m in the apartment. Sometimes I…


On My Radar

The leaves are finally starting to “pop.” I was skeptical if it would ever happen considering how it was looking for a while. The leaves are definitely not what they have been in the past (from what I’ve read it’s because of our dry, hot summer) but I’ll take what I can get. Nothing a…


Just a Little Update

Hi! Just popping in today with a few little updates from me. Nothing too exciting, it’s more of a “hello! how are you?” than anything else. + I have been taking baths almost every single day. It’s fast becoming a nightly habit for me. Sometimes I leave the lights on and read. Other times I…