Wearing Stripes in Fall

I LOVE a good stripe shirt. I mean, I pretty much live in this navy/white striped shirt (25% off right now!) during the summer. It’s the easiest thing for me to style and I always just feel like myself when I’m wearing it. It’s always a sad day when I retire the shirt as summer ends….


Coats on Sale

I snapped the photo earlier today and had a near record-breaking number of DMs asking where my coat was from. It’s from J. Crew and it’s currently 40% off. Actually, all of their coats are 40% off– as are sweaters and boots. It’s a great time to stock up if you have a hole in your…


On My Radar

This week was a much needed week at home. I went to bed every night feeling great and accomplished… I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to do, but everything that needed to be done was crossed off the list. To be honest, I spent the weekend feeling a little unsettled; I think my body…

Cold Weather

Recreating an Oldie

I was searching on Pinterest for some outfit ideas, as one does, when I stumbled on this old photo of me. This remains one of my favorite all-time looks and I wear it at least a few times every fall. It’s crazy to think that this photo is six years old. Even though I’m turning 30…

Cold Weather

Fall Staple: The Black Cashmere Sweater

I say this every fall, but I love a good sweater. Growing up in Florida, sweaters were never really necessary. But I’d still pore over the “back to school” catalogs, wishing I could run down a street lined with red-leafed trees to the school bus in a cute sweater. The first thing I did when…


Charleston Recap

Elizabeth Arden is a brand I have worked with in the past and a brand that I’ve always liked. The White Tea fragrance remains one of my favorites (and was what I wore on my first date with my boyfriend so it brings back the best feelings!) and the 8-Hour Cream is a holy grail….


3 Ways to Make Meeting New People Easier

I meet people ALL the time… and it seemingly never gets easier. I have picked up a few strategies along the way because, like it or not, meeting people is not only a fact of life, it’s a huge part of my job. Max and I were actually sharing some of our own tips and…

Cold Weather

Fall Classics (for Every Budget)

I’m reposting the graphic below (that I put together last year) with some updated links. I’m proud of these classics and find that they truly are classics. Everything is STILL, well, a classic and therefore still just as a relevant. You can’t go wrong. TRENCH COAT Splurge // Moderate // Budget WAX COTTON COAT Splurge…


A Few Random Things About Me

Sometimes I think that after blogging for (almost) ten years, there are very few things about myself that can’t be Googled. This is so dumb, but I legitimately Google myself probably once a week to pull up a specific photo or to remember exactly when something happened or what the name of that one restaurant I…