On My Radar

Honestly not much new to report. Just getting through the days, putting one foot in front of the other. I have written and re-written this paragraph like four times and honestly I just have nothing to say but to keep on keeping on (at home, if you can). ✌🏻 Made some more masks for friends…


Ways You Can Help

I am unbelievably grateful for essential workers right now. Truly. Obviously, and of course, medical professionals. But also teachers who are now juggling virtual classes, grocery store workers who are now serving on the “front lines,” delivery people, waste collectors, etc. I, and so many others, am “safe at home” because of other people’s sacrifices….


What I’m Wearing the Most Right Now

Thought I’d round up some of the things I’ve been wearing the most over the past month. I’m actually about to transition my closet– finally forcing myself to do it. I feel like I’m in limbo right now seasonally because my closet is still very much winter. I am hoping that by switching it over I’ll…

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Date Night At Home Ideas

I love a good date night. My parents always had “date night” on Saturdays– we’d stay home with the babysitter and I think it really set a good example for couples to take the time to get out of the normal routine. Even though Mike and I are spending more time together than ever, we’re…


Our At-Home Coffee Set Up

Well it’s another Monday. Even though life may look a bit different right now, the one thing that remains a constant right now is my love for coffee. I remember when Starbucks became a big thing and my mom and her best friend would drop us off at school and go straight to the Starbucks…

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How Are You Doing?

Just wanted to take the time to check in with you and see how you’re doing. So… hi! How are you? Holding up? I think the reality of everything has settled in for me. I knew, logically, this was going to be months not weeks, but I guess it felt so “new” when it started….


Affordable Needlepoint

I know I’ve been talking a lot about needlepoint lately. It’s bringing me so much joy personally and from the messages I’m getting, I know it’s helping a lot of people too. It’s a great distraction and honestly so easy that you don’t really need to think at all while doing it. (You can make…

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On My Radar

Another week in the books. I’ve lost all sense of time, even during the day. Some days feel like three or four in one and others seem to go by in a blink. One thing that I’ve been enjoying though? Having extra long, no rushed mornings. I usually love to be productive in the morning, but…


Casual Work from Home Oufit

Even though I shot these photos weeks ago, this is actually been a pretty good representation of the types of outfits I’m gravitating towards right now. (Well, I should clarify: that is when I decide to get dressed. I have plenty of yoga pants and even sweatpants kinds of days.) Maybe it sounds a little…

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