Wedding Inspo from My Early 20s

This is going to be kind of a funny post (at least to me!). I logged into a personal Pinterest account and discovered a private wedding board I made when I was in college/first living in NYC. It’s not that robust, but it was funny to go back through old images during what was PEAK…


Belted Maxi Dress

I bought this dress before I got engaged but now that I have it, I’m loving it even more. I’m not sure if Mike and I are planning on doing engagement photos or not, but if we do, this dress is a top contender for wardrobe. I really wish I were at the beach wearing…

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My Most-Used Shower Products

I have never been one to have too many products in the shower. I only just started using conditioner somewhat recently even. Now that we’ve been largely social distancing and everything, I’ve really stepped up my shower game. I find it so therapeutic right now. Thought I’d share some of the products I’ve been loving the…

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Cute Sunglasses Chains

One trend I can fully get behind this summer: sunglasses chains. I can’t seem to get enough about them. They’re cute AND practical. And honestly I’m kind of here for the granny chic situation. You can use them for sunglasses & eyeglasses and I’ve also seen a bunch of people using them to hold face…

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Diary No. 35

The past two weeks flew by. I’ve been so fascinated with perception of time during the past few months. While this seems like one of the longest years I’ve ever experienced, I’m simultaneously mind-blown that we’re already halfway through. Anywayyyy– here’s what my camera roll has looked like over the past two weeks! We came…


On My Radar

This week was a bit tougher than previous weeks. My anxiety about coronavirus is back in full force. I think I had mentally prepared to get through June with restrictions and I had hoped we would be in a different position as a country. Knowing it’s already July and we’re going in the opposite direction we should…


I’ve Got Questions!

I have so many wedding/marriage related questions. This is such a weird time to get engaged, which I’m sure is adding to my emotions on everything. (I weirdly even feel guilty at times for being so happy and excited? It’s hard to wrap your mind around the fact that life still goes on even when…

Warm Weather

Summer Weight Sweater

I talk about this a lot, but I love sweaters. Because I mostly grew up in Florida, sweaters were very impractical. We had a handful of “sweater weather” days, but they were more like “sweater morning weather” days because more often by not by 2pm it’d be warm enough. When I went to college, buying sweaters…

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Blackout Day 2020

Today is Blackout Day. The day is about economically supporting Black owned businesses. I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve recently purchased that might interest you as well. This is obviously not an exhaustive list– just sharing things I have personally purchased recently! DIANE HILL DESIGN // I cannot get over Diane Hill’s…