On My Radar

Another whirlwind week in the books. Spent just over 24 hours in the city with Gal Meets Glam for their coat launch and then just hunkered down at home. Mike was also away for over a week and it was so nice having him back. I never minded being home alone in any apartment (and, frankly,…


Tartan + Bow Mary-Janes 40% Off

‘Tis the season for tartan. Or, almost anyways! I just bought these gorgeous shoes and had to share them in its own dedicated post because… they seem perfect. Tartan. Satin bow. Pointed toe. Low heel! What’s not to love? Oh, and they’re 40% off right now!! I imagine they’ll be best-sellers this season, so I wanted…

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Cold Weather

Gal Meets Glam Collection Coat Launch

Gal Meets Glam launched its first collection of coats. Julia and her team invited me to come to a few fun events hosted at the Lotte Palace Hotel surrounding the launch earlier this week in NYC. While I’m not quite ready for the holidays, it was a fun hint of the upcoming season. Everything from the…

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The Sweater I Can’t Stop Wearing

I know, I know. There’s nothing crazy about this black sweater. In fact, it’s pretty much as basic as it gets! But I can’t stop wearing it. I have lost track of the number of times I’ve reached for it in my closet since I ordered it. I have two black cashmere sweaters (ones more…

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Three Apple Recipes to Try

I’ve always loved picking apples. Being out in the suburbs (and closer to the orchards!) has only made me lean into this season even more. Having a big kitchen island to spread out to bake with all the apples makes it even better. This year, I made three different recipes that have been perfect for…

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Organizing My Small Closet

Our house was built in the 30s, so the closets are quite small. There is actually a ton of storage throughout the house between built-ins and the basement (I’m sure to compensate for the small closets!), so it’s actually not a huge deal. Except in the master bedroom. There are two closets, but they’re both…

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I recently purchased something (just to see if they suited me) that I said I would never buy. Like, I’ve publicly mentioned that they weren’t me. But, hey, I’m human. And sometimes I’m simply wrong. I bought over the knee boots. I don’t know what triggered the switch, but here I am owning and loving these…

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Diary No. 17

You know what I love most about these posts? It forces me to reflect on all the fun and good over two weeks. When I’m doing this, I don’t even think about a project that stressed me out. Or that difficult phone call that I lost sleep over. Or a mistake that I made. I just…


On My Radar

After taking a red-eye on Sunday night, I was feeling a little off at the beginning of the week. I took a 30-minute nap right when I got home around 6 am and then just hit the ground running for the day. By 10 pm, I was so confused as to why I felt like…