Cute Hair Accessories

While I love a good hair ribbon, I usually just leave my hair down or wear a boring ponytail holder. If anything. Except right now, I feel like hair accessories are having a moment and I’m kind of loving it. I haven’t purchased anything too crazy, but I feel like it’s only a matter of…


My Favorite Blog Reads

After Tuesday’s post, a few people wrote in the Carly the Prepster Facebook group how they found my blog and why it resonated with them. I loved reading what people wrote; it brought me so much happiness… To pay it I thought I’d share some of my own favorite blogs to read. The first thing…


On My Radar

First… I want to kick off today’s post with a giant THANK YOU I made the right decision to take a step back from the blog. Last week was really rough for me and I know, turn off comments for a week, and come back with a clear head. I just want you to know how much…


An Old Favorite

Lacoste was HUGE when I was in high school. Absolutely huge. I went to a public school and we could wear whatever we wanted as long as our skirts/shorts were long enough and no tank tops or too much cleavage. Even without an imposed uniform, it seemed like everyone had a uniform: denim skirt + Lacoste polo….


Why I Shut Down the Comment Section

The vast majority of people reading this probably didn’t notice, but I had to turn off the comment section of my blog. While it’s extremely disappointing, it was something that I felt like I had to do for a little bit for my mental health. I have been blogging for coming up on ten years….


Workout Accountability

I LOVE to workout. I never thought I’d be that kind of person who’d enjoy going to the gym, but after starting my fitness journey about two years ago, I haven’t looked back. There have been some great moments and the occasional “valleys” of success. Overall though, it’s been an upward trend. For a myriad…


Dancing Queen

I just saw the Mamma Mia sequel last week. I was so looking forward to seeing it, but hadn’t really had time to go to the movie theater. I finally had a chance and, ugh, it was so good. It was super cheesy (way cheesier than the first one I thought) and at first, it grated…


Skirt + Blouse Combo

So I always have the hardest time figuring out the right skirt and blouse combinations. It’s probably why I usually opt for jeans or a dress. So much easier to find proportions that fit my body (smaller waist, larger chest). Even though skirts and tops are easier to buy two separate sizes, I find that…