Summer Sweater

I know I’m posting this during a heatwave (yikes!), but I love a good summer sweater. This one has been in my repertoire for a handful of years now and I tend to pack it on nearly every trip I take. It’s so fun yet classic. And because the flag sweater has gotten so popular, Ralph…


Diary No. 11

This Diary post is basically just going to be iPhone snaps from Nantucket. The past two weeks have been a blur of work, Nantucket life, and getting stuff done around the house. I was meeting everyone on Nantucket and since I wanted to bring the dogs and my car, I had to drive alone to…


On My Radar

After getting back from Nantucket early Sunday evening, I had a few days filled with work and getting more things done around the house. I’m going to do an updated post with what we have done so far and what we still have left to do. My mom is coming next week (!!!) and I…


Slip Dress Again (x2)

I think this slip dress has unexpectedly become my most favorite piece of clothing for the summer. Looking at it online and even while it’s hanging in my closet, it doesn’t seem like “me” whatsoever. But let me tell you, I put it on and start feeling myself. Even though I think the style can…


House Binder

I am in disbelief that we closed on our house four weeks ago (tomorrow). For as much work and emotional build-up that went into buying the house, it feels like we’ve been here forever. Even though we have plenty to do decorating wise, it already very much feels like home and even more so with…


Off the Shoulder

Throwing it back to my June trip to Nantucket with Ashley! We had that perfect Nantucket weather where it was chilly and warm on and off again. I spent most of the day with a sweater on, but had some moments where I was too warm with it on. I liked how it looked over…


Insane J. Crew Prices

J. Crew is currently having a major (major!) sale right now on some items. I had to share five of my own favorites because the prices are just that good. DENIM SHORTS: $24.50 FAN TASSEL EARRINGS (c/o): $14.50 STRUCTURED STRIPE SHIRT: $24.50 ROLLNECK SWEATER: $24.50 (So many colors available! Definitely my “top pick” from the sale.) TIPPI SWEATER: $24.50


How to Minimize the Stress You’re Feeling

I’ve noticed recently that I’m in a period of significantly less stress than usual. A big part of it is that we finally closed on the house and that instantly alleviated a lot of the big stuff on my plate. But I think a larger part of that is that I’ve just gotten better at…