Cold Weather

Recreating an Oldie

I was searching on Pinterest for some outfit ideas, as one does, when I stumbled on this old photo of me. This remains one of my favorite all-time looks and I wear it at least a few times every fall. It’s crazy to think that this photo is six years old. Even though I’m turning 30…

Cold Weather

Fall Staple: The Black Cashmere Sweater

I say this every fall, but I love a good sweater. Growing up in Florida, sweaters were never really necessary. But I’d still pore over the “back to school” catalogs, wishing I could run down a street lined with red-leafed trees to the school bus in a cute sweater. The first thing I did when…


Charleston Recap

Elizabeth Arden is a brand I have worked with in the past and a brand that I’ve always liked. The White Tea fragrance remains one of my favorites (and was what I wore on my first date with my boyfriend so it brings back the best feelings!) and the 8-Hour Cream is a holy grail….


3 Ways to Make Meeting New People Easier

I meet people ALL the time… and it seemingly never gets easier. I have picked up a few strategies along the way because, like it or not, meeting people is not only a fact of life, it’s a huge part of my job. Max and I were actually sharing some of our own tips and…

Cold Weather

Fall Classics (for Every Budget)

I’m reposting the graphic below (that I put together last year) with some updated links. I’m proud of these classics and find that they truly are classics. Everything is STILL, well, a classic and therefore still just as a relevant. You can’t go wrong. TRENCH COAT Splurge // Moderate // Budget WAX COTTON COAT Splurge…


A Few Random Things About Me

Sometimes I think that after blogging for (almost) ten years, there are very few things about myself that can’t be Googled. This is so dumb, but I legitimately Google myself probably once a week to pull up a specific photo or to remember exactly when something happened or what the name of that one restaurant I…


On My Radar

I just got back from a trip to Charleston with Elizabeth Arden. Going on press trips can be… something else. I’ve had all kinds of experiences (the amazing, the crazy, the disorganized, and everything in between). I always get nervous going… like who’s going to be there, what will the team be like, is the…


Everyday Bow Blouse

As much as I’m feeling the fall spirit, we’re still having some pretty warm days here and there. Maybe I should revise that to say, it’s generally still pretty warm and we’re having some cooler days here and there. I bought this blouse hoping I’d hate it so I could return it and get it…


Apps I Can’t Get Enough Of

Every day, I am in awe of what our phones are capable of. There are days when I want to throw it into the ocean, but for the most part, I have learned to live with my phone in a (somewhat) healthy way. The biggest thing is turning off all notifications and leaving my phone…