Fall Handbags

I just put away all my super summery bags and my closet feels a little lacking for fall handbags now. I’ve mostly been carrying this basket bag, which serves as a nice bridge from summer to fall. (I may or may not be in wicker bag withdrawal!) Now that I know I want a new…

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On My Radar

This has been a fairly typical, lowkey week. I was supposed to kick off the week by attending the premiere of the Downton Abbey movie but the train was running over an hour behind and all the Ubers refused to do the drive into the city. By the time I called it quits on the train (there…


Travel Friendly Business

I’m the first to admit that I have a non-traditional job, requiring a range of wardrobe. Most days, I work from home in something comfortable. I have to dress up for events ranging from casual all the way to formal. And, occasionally, I need business professional outfits. I do have a couple of suit-ish looks…

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Beauty Empties Vol. 1

I’ve been venturing outside of my comfort zone lately and trying more beauty products. I have to confess that my natural inclination is to stick to what works and not try anything else. Now obviously, what works… works. But what if something worked better? I’d be missing out! When I try something, I typically commit…

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New Sezane

I absolutely loathe shopping for jeans. I always have a vision for what I want and then seem to hunt forever to find the perfect pair. The one that fits. That flatters. With the right wash. The right pockets. The right hem. I get almost all of my jeans tailored, to control the length. Enter:…

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This belt is one of the best fashion purchases I’ve made in a while. While I love the look of belts, I typically struggle to find ones that fit both my style and my body. I don’t really want to wear a giant logo around my waist and I also want to be able to wear…

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Flirty and Thriving

I was kind of thinking that my pink phase was just that: a phase. With every passing season though, it seems to be here to stay! When I got a peek at the lookbook for Gal Meet Glam’s latest collection, I was immediately drawn to this darling dress. I used to shy away from the…

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Diary No. 15

I weirdly don’t have too much to share from the past two weeks. My camera roll was pretty low on the content 😂 My mom surprised me with an Hermés scarf for my birthday. I pretty much always tell my parents to not get me anything because I have everything I need… this was so…


On My Radar

I am quite looking forward to this weekend. We’re home (!!!) and have friends spending the night and then we’re going to try to get to a food truck festival, too. I’ve been slowly working my way through some lingering piles that were never addressed when we move… so I also have that to look…