5 Dishes to Cook to Combat the Winter Blues

When it’s really cold out, I hate having to go outside at night. Once I’m in the night, I like to cozy up in comfortable clothes and watch movies or binge watch a TV show. We’ve been doing a lot of Hygge meals and it makes the cold nights that much more enjoyable. Soups, slow roasted meats, and…


Little Navy Dress

I actually bought this dress in berry earlier this fall. I had wanted it in cream, but wasn’t fast enough to get it in my size. The berry is such a gorgeous color and the fit of the dress is so perfect that I couldn’t resist getting it in navy too. (It also comes in…


Guilty Pleasures

This weekend crept up on me in terms of planning. I knew I could turn it into a long weekend, but just didn’t take the time to plan anything. I realized earlier this week that I had a wide-open weekend…. and what’s a girl to do? I’m unapologetically filling it with as many guilty pleasures as…


On My Radar

Hope you guys had a great week and a fun Valentine’s Day! One big highlight from the week was going to see Green Book on Monday night. It was so great!! I canceled my Movie Pass subscription last year (because I could never find a movie time anymore) and I haven’t been going as frequently. But I love going to the…


Happy Valentine’s Day!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’m having a pink moment. Actually, I thought it was a “moment,” but I don’t exactly see an end in sight. I tended to shy away from pink, especially blush pink, because it’s nearly identical to my skin tone. I’m over that fear now and I’m like give me…


Painting an Accent Wall

This is the third apartment that I’ve lived in since graduating college, yet I have never thought to paint a wall. All allowed paint, but I found the task too daunting. Standard issue apartment white was good enough, I thought. For this partnership with HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams though, I couldn’t wait to revamp my office!…


Business in the Front

I am fully under Sézane’s spell right now. In fact, I believe that is now my favorite clothing brand. I love the fit just as much as I love the style. Even just looking at their website inspires me to put together slightly chicer outfits. (Let me just tell you, too, my desire to return…


4 Super Simple Ways to Take Care of Yourself

Yesssss. Self care really is such a buzzword and can easily be brushed off as a “trend,” but I think the reason why it’s so popular right now is because it’s so important. I do believe that there are mixed messages about what self care looks like and it might be different for everybody. For…


Fresh Workout Gear

I have a pretty solid “uniform” down for what I wear for workouts. If I’m running, I wear these shorts and one of these tech shirts. For BBG/HIIT workouts, I wear yoga pants and a tech shirt (or just a sports bra). For yoga classes, I like to wear crop tops and high waisted yoga pants….