Weekend Recap:
The bus left the hilltop for Worcester, MA at around 7ish on Friday.  The bus driver was literally horrible.  We didn’t take any major highways and were swerving off the road and kept braking really hard and quickly.  We stopped in New Jersey at 11 and checked into a hotel for the night.  I pretty much fell asleep right away.
In the morning, we hit the road again.  We were not taking highways still and ended up getting pulled over.  We sat on the edge of the road for a good half hour.  Not fun.  Since we were driving slowly and wasted time on the side of the road, we fell behind schedule and had to go straight to the course to practice instead of the hotel.  The coxswains were getting weighed in shortly after arriving at the course, so I was guzzling water to try to make up for some weight.  (Unlike Lightweight rowers who have to cut weight to make a maximum, coxswains have a MINIMUM weight requirement.)  I ended up having to be sandbagged a little, but not too much.  
I was quite nervous about practicing on the race course since I had never been on it before.  It was pretty nice and easy to navigate except for the warm up area and one pinch at around the 1000 meter mark.  After practice, we went back to the hotel and then to a Freshmen team dinner followed by boat meetings.
My family used to live in Massachusetts, so SM&D flew into Boston on Saturday and stayed with our really close friends.  They drove to Worcester in the morning and so did my BEST FRIEND in the ENTIRE WORLD.  I was SOOO SOOO SOOO happy to see everybody!  I was really nervous in the morning before our heat, so it was hard to socialize though.
We launched and set out to race.  Unfortunately, we got 5th out of 6, so we were in the third level finals for the afternoon.  We raced pretty well, but knew where we had to make improvements for the next race.  My coach had a quick boat meeting with us, and then we headed back to the hotel for lunch and rest.
During our second race, we focused only on our boat and the race plan.  It was a better race than our first, but we got second, which meant 14th.  Our other HW boats didn’t do as well as we had hoped, but we have lots of room for improvement for next year!

This is us during our first heat.  You can see me right in the middle of the picture (behind the crew in the red, Rutgers).

CF hanging around the trailer… He left for California this afternoon!  I miss him so much already!


Best Assistant Coach Ever, Coach, and the 1F
Nielsen Kellerman, makers of the Cox Box, tweeted about my blog the other day.  I was so excited… Thanks NK!
*** Since summer is right around the corner, I was thinking of things to keep me busy.  I will definitely be babysitting my next door neighbors a LOT.  I was also thinking of opening up an Etsy shop.  Do you guys have any opinions or advice?  Everything is appreciated! ***
-College Prepster

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Yay for summer… if you have a lot of time on your hands babysitting than yeah open an etsy shop! hey you could even have an arts and crafts day with the kids and they could help you!


Wow!!!!! WHAT A WEEKEND!!!!! I cannot believe your best friends picture…last time I saw her she was a “little girl” wanting to become a Dr. Those were wonderful days for you two. Anyway, you’re heading home and before you know it you will be back at Georgetown.Have a safe flight home!!!


you must do a better job at chucking water than I do/did, I always have a TON of sand, even when I’m in women’s boats. Ugghh. One and a half Nalgenes is all I do- one year at Canadian Henley I got water poisoning and hurled water for an hour- not fun.



Etsy shop is perfect for you and maybe even including Soccer Mom!!! The two of you have soooo many talents it could be HUGE success!!! Go for it!!!


Great photos!

Hey, I’ll be at that Georgetown Ball at Union Station tonight (my sister’s a senior)–are you going?