Fourth of July Weekend

Thank goodness we’re getting out of town this weekend.  I am incredibly sick of this rain!!!  Even if it rains while we’re at the beach, it’ll be better than being cooped up in the house.
Sporty Sister is in Spain… I’m so jealous!  We’ve been getting the occasional Facebook message.  (Mine today: “I had something to tell you, but I don’t remember hahahah”)  My parents and I were planning on going to Sarasota for the fourth sans SS.  It would be really weird to vacation as an only child, but oh well.  We decided to stay in the Long Boat Key Club, pictured above.  My parents have been there and love it.
A couple of weeks ago, my best friend in the whole in entire world (since we were 4) texted me and asked what I was doing for the fourth.  I told her and she said that her plans cancelled and she had a plane ticket that she needed to refund.  YAY!!! Colie is going to be joining us!!! So here’s the deal.  We’re taking two cars down to Sarasota tomorrow afternoon.  Colie flies in on Saturday, so I’m going to drive back up and get her and then drive back down! 
I’m planning my outfits now (think: coverups and bsuits).  I just cannot wait!
I’ll be taking a short hiatus while I’m gone, but when I’m thinking there’s going to be a surprise when I get back…. HINT.
-College Prepster

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Gracie Beth

Have fun! Somehow my entire family has worked out a way to go on vacation and not take me! They always go on my siblings spring break and I am away at school!


Have a wonderful 4th, particularly with your "best friend"!!! Hmmm!!! Do you think your sister was jealous of you when you went to Italy???