One year ago [from yesterday], I published my first post.

I decided to make a blog one late night in my freshman dorm’s common room. I was super stressed out about final exams. I kept saying how I wanted to do something cool and different… I came up with the name first: College Prep. And the rest sort of fell into place.

I couldn’t start the blog until after exams, of course. I came home, caught up on sleep, and then began my “blog research.” I designed and cut out (by hand) my header and then photoshopped it until it was perfect.

I honestly had NO idea what my blog would turn into.

My blog has opened doors that I didn’t even know where down the hall.

In the past year, I have:

Gained 182 followers on Blogger
Gained 235 followers on Twitter
Written a book after realizing how much I enjoy writing
Gotten a behind the scenes tour of a preppy company
Been inspired in countless ways

Thank You!

-College Prepster

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