Organize, Please- Bathrooms

“Enough organization, enough lists and we think we can control the uncontrollable.” – John Mankiewicz
(^ The last name gives me a really bad feeling in my stomach. If you go to Georgetown and knew me last year, you know why.)

I’ve been reading all the comments you guys have been posting on my Giveaway post (have you entered yet? YOU SHOULD!!!) and a bunch of y’all have mentioned liking my posts about organization.

I’m going to share some tips for organization in a series of posts titled “Organize, Please.”

Kicking off the series is the Bathroom edition.

The key to bathroom organization is to have a specific place for everything. That way, things don’t just float in drawers or clutter the counter.

Hooks are awesome for hanging anything and everything that hangs: towels, robes, hair ties, ribbons, necklaces, etc. I love the hooks Soccer Mom and I found from Anthropologie.

These sets of hooks are great for my necklaces and ribbons. The ribbon one is especially great because it has four separate hooks, which help space out my many, many ribbons.

Empty and sad….


I keep the jewelery I wear on a day-to-day basis in an easy to access ring holder thing. I’m not sure where it came from, but I love it! I do not wear rings– long story, but it’s the perfect size for a strand of pearls, my pearl bracelet, lucky bracelet, lucky necklace, and Yurman. And it keeps my earrings safe from rolling around my counter!

Makeup brushes are easily stored in old Mason jars. I used to keep my painting brushes in a jar, and I realized my makeup brushes could benefit from the same storage! I can effortlessly toss them in the jar and find exactly the one I’m looking for without digging through bags.
While I was at college, Soccer Mom and Sporty Sister took over my bathroom and made it the “Gettin’ Ready Room.” Luckily, most of the hair products were moved back into Sister’s room.

I got these fabulous box things from Target (Shabby Chic department). They’re deep enough for hairsprays and the perfect width for a counter top.

This one holds my makeup and everyday products.

This little guy is just right for sitting on the top of the toilet. Tissues and extra paper are always on hand!

What room would you guys like to see next?


PS There’s still time to enter the BIG giveaway!!!

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CP, you are a true Virgo! I don't hold much belief in horoscopes, but sometimes they fit people so perfectly it's hard to ignore!

I love this! Organization makes me happy, even if I sometimes fail at it =P I'm so jealous of your ribbon collection. I lost my ribbons while moving to college last year =[


I wish I had as much patience for keeping organized as you seem to! I always mean well but sometimes just don't follow through! Your ribbon collection makes me green with envy too 🙂


great! i love organization tips 🙂 can you do school organization tips sometime before school starts, and i'd love to see some bedroom organization!