Watercolor Outfits

I always get emails to give more examples of outfits. Polyvore is really fun, but I get frustrated when I have to improvise and use other brands when they don’t have the exact denim skirt I need, or whatever.
So I thought it’d be really fun to start painting my outfits everyday! For those that follow my tumblr, you know that I update (or try to at least) my outfit sometime during the day. I thought I would include the pictures all in one space here!

Let me know what you think!


On another artist note… I joined the Sketchbook Project! I’m so excited!!!!!!! My theme is “Jackets, Blankets, and Sheets.”


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You've got quite a gift really ! I'm also a bit frustrated by Polyvore sometimes and I'm a terrible drawer/painter so I stick to the daily routine of staying in front of my wardrobe and helplessly looking for something cute to put on.


Your paintings are incredible!!!!

I also checked out the Sketchbook Project and that sounds so cool! Part of their tour is in my hometown WP so I will definitely have to check it out!! :)! Good luck!


Now that my dear is oh so fabulous!
I love your sketches…watercolors….swoon.
You are most certainly talented.

Mrs. Kindergarten

the Preppy Princess

You are amazingly talented, the watercolors are wonderful. And we definitely understand Polyvore/Kaboodle frustrations. 🙂

Kudos on the project, it really is outstanding.


SO cute! 10x better than polyvore 🙂

side note though…did you know that on polyvore you can go to different websites (like bloomingdales, jcrew, wherever theres pictures really!) and clip your own items? might make it easier for you next time you want to polyvore 😉