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I think it’s the combination of warm weather and senioritis that is making me crave a trip abroad. I’ve been dreaming of traveling to Paris…
A lot.
I swear, dreaming of going is just about the only thing getting me through long school days and working weekends. This may seem a little strange, but I play this game with myself where I pretend to pack for the trip. If I’m waiting for a bus or bored during class (sorry professors), I’ll imagine traveling to Paris with only a small carryon for a quick little trip. Every time I play, the color palette changes! I try to stick to a few neutral colors and then pick a fun pop of color.
Here’s what I would pack for three days:
This is such a fun game to play, although it does bring up some major feelings of wanderlust. Where would you must want to go for three days if you had the chance? What would you pack?

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Lauren Alyse

I'd love to go to Greece but I think once I got there I'd want to stay for MUCH longer than 3 days! So maybe a weekend trip up to the East Coast? I've always wanted to visit DC. ­čÖé


I spent a weekend (52 hours to be exact) in Paris while I was studying abroad in London and I LOVED it. You can hit the highlights of Paris in 3 days (that way you have time to go to Versailles) but of course you should make it longer if you can!


I love these choices! I would go back to Zurich, Switzerland (went there last May [feels so long ago!] for a study abroad trip). Or Santorini, Greece. I'm Greek, so going to Greece is a dream of mine (even though they're financially terrible)


I definitely would go to Egypt for three days; I'm obsessed! These outfits are absolutely adorable, too!