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Graduation Gifts

I know it seems pretty early to be thinking about graduation presents, but we’re already a week into April. I actually had a lot of fun pulling these products and will likely do a few more with different themes leading up to May.
I tried to touch on various price points ($20-$100) and different “types” of gifts. I also think they can apply to both high school and college graduates.
I think this is a great gift for graduation. I love my Dogeared necklace every day. Each necklace has a cute little charm and a message that accompanies it. This one is a bow (love) and has a message about remembering the love from the person who gave it. I can’t think of a more appropriate necklace for someone graduating high school and going to college or someone graduating college and moving to another city!
Again, this is a piece of jewelry that I wear every day. I have the “Live Your Dreams” engraving, but there are tons of other great messages. (I especially like the “Sister” one… it’s perfect for your real sister or your sorority sister!)
If you need to get a bunch of gifts for a bunch of friends, look no further. You can customize the May Books notebook for each recipient. The new website makes the whole customization process a breeze. (Not to mention the fact that it’s highly entertaining to mix and match monograms and colors.) At $23, it’s the perfect price point to stock up on a bunch for friends. ($17 without monograms)
Drop a subtle hint that you’d like to stay in touch. This set contains three cards in the five different designs (Birthday, Just Because, Get Well, Thank You, and Congratulations).
Although this is the priciest of the bunch, I think it’s a great gift. For starters, it’s Tory. An instant winner. This is a great way to organize cards and keys. The leather will also hold up better than some of the other popular cloth alternatives. It comes in a navy color as well, quite classy!
Like Tory, you really can’t go wrong with anything Kate Spade. This is a fun gift for someone who has an iPad… or for someone that you know is getting one for graduation. Why go for a boring case when you can have a super cute and colorful and fun one!
What to get the monogram lover??? This! I have the opinion that cell phones (and iPads for that matter) deserve to have a few wardrobe options! Have fun picking out a style and color. Possibly coordinate for a favorite sports team or college colors.
Self-Inking stampers are way. too. much. fun. Get one with the new address for a graduate who’s moving. You can also so a simple name only, or monogram only… really the possibilities are endless.
What is your favorite graduation gift?
PPS [Shameless Plug] Don’t forget about The Freshman 50 for high school graduates ­čÖé

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Out of this bunch, I love it all! But mostly the self-inking stamper!

My favorite graduation gift was my DSLR! I still use it and it was awesome gift for a techie like me!

Miss Janice

In the DKM ad on your sidebar, are those belts? I didn't see any belts on their site…just wondering. If they are, those are probably very cute!

Caitlin C.

Oh my, I loveee these!! I'm getting a Kate Spade watch for graduation, but now I know what to get all my friends! ­čÖé

Sara Grace

I've given dogeared necklaces before, but I really want one of my own! Actually, all of these gifts I want for myself! wonderful picks!
xo, SaraGrace


These are great! I have tons of grad gifts to give this year– another blog post with even more wonderful ideas would be a blessing :)) thanks for all you do!

John Decker

This is a great article. My daughter is in college and my wife and I always have trouble buying her gifts for her birthday and Christmas. I usually let my wife handle it because she knows what type of clothing she likes. I know she try's to buy Sexy Dresses because she likes to go out with her friends a lot. However, we do not buy her anything that is inappropriate for her age.