Sseko Designs

I’m SO excited about this post!! Sseko Designs is hosting a “30 Days/30 Ways” campaign. They sent me a pair of the shoes to style!
 I first wrote about Sseko Designs a little over a year ago and it’s been really fun to watch the company grow. In fact, Sseko Designs was just named one of “America’s Top Five Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs” by BusinessWeek. Isn’t that incredible!
The mission of the company is to help break the cycle of poverty in Uganda. Sseko employs girls in Uganda for a nine month period in exchange for an entire college education! How great is that? 
Each sandal comes with a base and a long ribbon which can be tied in (literally) hundreds of ways.
Some of the different ways you can tie the sandals.
I watched a few videos on YouTube to learn different ways to tie mine. I really loved this braided style!
I also LOVE this style. I thought that I wouldn’t like something tied around my ankle, but it’s surprisingly comfortable. The ribbon “settled” a little bit after walking and I really like how it ended up. 
Aren’t the little ties in the back the cutest?

I got the Starboard Stripes straps. They’re perfect for summertime in Florida. I wore it with the Kate Spade dress I wore to graduation!

Perfect shoes for hanging out poolside and it’s great knowing the story behind the shoes and who they are helping!
PS I’m in love with this picture of Liz, the founder, with some of the girls in the program:
PPS Use “Prepster30” at checkout for 15% off your order!

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Hey there Carly!

I just came across your blog the other day and I seriously love it!
Like you, i'm a fan of almost anything preppy. I love J. Crew, monograms, and all those preppy things as well as cupcakes, making lists, and more. It seems like we have quite a bit in common 🙂
In just a few days, I may or may not have already gone through pages and pages of your archives. Hahaha 🙂

Thanks for posting about Sseko Designs!
I hadn't heard of them before but they seem like a really amazing brand.
Buying super adorable and versatile shoes is one thing but also helping make someone else's life better in doing so is another thing. Knowing that buying a single pair of shoes can help change someone's enter life is insane.

After seeing all those ways to tie these sandals, I may or may not need to invest in a pair… 🙂