Things I’m Loving…

So the days have been pretty long for me, but extremely rewarding. That smart guy Confucius said, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” And let the record show, he was so right.
I am often asked what I did to get to where I am and what can they do to follow in my path. What extracurricular activities did I do in high school? What did I write my college essays about? What classes did I take? What internships did I do? Whom did I interview with? 
But this is totally missing the point! The reason why I’m so happy is because I’m doing exactly what I want and love to do. I simply laid the foundation to get to this point over a few years. Instead of focusing on the specific steps I took to get here, I think the real (amazing) part to focus on is to make sure you’re following your own path and your own wants and your own “loves.” It’s different for everyone and the experiences– both good and bad– that each of us goes through helps us get to our unique happy places.
I’ve had a couple of Zen “the universe is smart” moments recently. I maybe had tiny thoughts in the back of my head asking myself if I was really doing what I love, or at least if I could be doing something that I love more. But, of course, the universe showed me (in sometimes what seemed like a cruel way) that I am exactly where I belong.
And for that, I am even more happy.
As cherries on this sundae of love…. here are five things I am loving:
Skittles | Ugh, these have totally become my guilty pleasure. It started off as a “Oh, I haven’t had Skittles in a while!”and now it’s a “Oh my goodness, give me Skittles now” type of ordeal. They’re seemingly always on my mind. 
High Five Nifty Notes | Yep. They’re hilarious. And while they seem trivial, they provide an odd amount of entertainment. The options are just hilarious and when you combine multiple ones it’s even funnier. I’ve been spreading them around the Levo League office. Look, even Bauer (the dog I am going to dognap one day…) wrote a note.
(He looks thrilled, right?)
Vitamin Water | I’m beginning to think that Vitamin water has actual addictive qualities. I crave it. The  Tropical Citrus flavor has been my jam lately. Oh. I swear, I walk into Whole Foods and I make a beeline for the Vitamin Water. I seriously believe that Vitamin Water should sponsor my life… it would be awesome!!! What’s your favorite flavor?
Ballet Flats | So I’m clumsy and I have been walking a ton in the city (because I tend to get lost… even with my iPhone…). The black leather J. Crew flats have been my absolute go-to. The more times I’ve worn them, the more comfortable they have become! And they seem to go with just about everything.
Tarte LipSurgence | I only have to apply it twice a day, once when I’m putting on makeup and then usually after lunch. It’s an interesting consistency, but it seems to really be long lasting. And it does not scream “Lipstick!”
Kate Spade Earbuds | They’re comfortable, they’re polka dotted, and they get the job done. Whether I’m blocking out screaming children on the subway or everyone at Levo (just kidding! #levolove), I’m good to go with these. Plus, they’re just a major step up from the plain white Apple earbuds. [If I’m on the subway, I listen to the Moonrise Kingdom soundtrack. If I’m at work I’m either listening to Enya or Lana Del Rey!]
What are you loving?

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Maia Price

I have seen your KS ear buds show up on several posts! I might just have to invest in a pair! They're too cute!



I really need to try the Tarte Lipsurgence. I am constantly putting on lipgloss of chapstick (which gets pretty annoying) so this would be the perfect fix!

Successful Senior

I got ADDICTED to the XXX Vitamin Water Zero a year or two ago. My roommate and I would go to Target every week and I bought at least 2 or 3 every time. Between the cost, the millions of bottles I was wasting, and the fact that plain H20 is probably healthier, I had to go cold turkey when I got through that round of final exams 🙁 I love those ballet flats though!

Preppy T

Right now I'm loving Odwala in the flavor Mango Tango! It's great as a between meals kind of drink because it's primarily made of mango puree' so it is semi filling in addition to being delicious. 🙂


Flats are amazing. the only part that sucks just like most shoes is breaking them in but then they are a bliss. I'd have to say my favorite pair of flats but unfortunately I only wear them to drive are my gap flats that have cushion sole. They were so cheap but I wore them pretty much everyday. Most comfortable and classy flats I owned.

Currently I'm loving popcorn. I'm really picky with brands but I like to just get them by packets. I love adding my own topping like nutella or honey.

Similar to the high note, I'm loving my 5 days a week mouse pad, I got in the dollar section at Target. I love that I can write them, and then rip the paper and throw it when I'm done. It helps be more organized and on task.

Bethany Griffith

oh my goodness! You listen to Enya too! (and yes, she's one of the things i'm loving right now!) I'm also loving 50s dresses, long thin scarves that you can wear in your hair, chunky glasses, hummus, and the cool weather screaming boots and layers! looking forward to apple pies and pumpkins!
my blog is though I haven't been on in forever and it just got started so it's not that great YET! School has kept me busy, but soon I'll get to write up a bunch of posts I've been dieing to do!

Megan G.

So glad to hear that you're loving your job!! I think you will always have doubts, but if you're happy and you know it, keep doing what you're doing!! 🙂

Mmmm, skittles… sounds delicious right now!

Julia D.

I love the Acai Berry flavoured Vitamin Water, though I've never really had one I didn't like. I'm so glad you're finding what you do so rewarding, it really is the best thing. I think you touch on an amazing point about everyone needing to follow their own paths, though part of me thinks those who reached out to you for advice needed to know the right questions to ask rather than the answers to the ones they gave you…if that makes any sense.