What’s In My Tote?

Maybe I’m super nosy or something, but some of my favorite blog posts to read are ones where people show the contents of their bags. I’m always curious to know what people carry around. What wallet they have. What miscellaneous items float at the bottom of handbags. How much or how little they carry.
Anyway, it’s been a while since I’ve done an actual “everything in my bag at this moment” post so I thought I’d share today.
I’ve been alternating between my Boulevard Bag and large Longchamp depending on what I’m wearing.
Starting from the top left and working down, here is a list of everything in my bag:
My Nook: this is a subway lifesaver. If I don’t get on a subway before 7:10 in the morning, the train is likely to just stop midway during the trip due to “train traffic ahead.” Apparently, this is totally normal. (I don’t find being trapped in a super tiny space with strangers normal whatsoever.) If I didn’t have my Nook I would for sure lose my cool every morning. Now, I get in a little bit of reading before working at Starbucks before heading to the Levo League offices.
My wallet [a year or so old from Cole Haan]
Macbook + Case
My glasses!
Minimergency Kit: My friend sent this to me when I moved to NYC. It’s seriously crazy how many things can fit in that tiny case! And everything is super useful. From sewing kits to bandages to a tiny bottle of hairspray. I am obsessed with it.
iPhone. Obviously.
The “OMG I wish I had a…” kit. Since that post, I’ve added: thumb drives, earplugs extra earbuds, a sewing kit….
iPhone charger: I go everywhere with this thing. It doesn’t matter if my batter is 100% when I leave the apartment, I’m bringing a charger. So many times I’ve been caught at 11:30 PM still not home after a full day of Instagramming and Google-mapping (I refuse to upgrade OS because of this…). I have been known to charge my phone at restaurants. I can’t deal with a dying battery. 
Macbook charger
Pencil Case:
My favorite pencils, pens, & highlighters. Plus some very necessary Sharpies and dry erase markers… and Kate Spade earbuds 🙂
Not shown: My Maybooks notebook… because it’s actually inside of the tote! Whoops, forgot to take it out for the picture 😉
What do you bring to work or to class? Any of the same things as me? Anything I don’t bring?

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I guess I'm nosy too, because I love these kinds of posts! I carry around most of the same things, and I'm so glad people are discovering the Tarte Lipsurgence….I ordered it off QVC randomly a few years ago and fell in love with it!

xx Emily @


I love these "a peek inside my bag" posts! As you're such a tidy, organized person, I thought you might like this: It's a little case thing that fits around a MacBook charger and lets you wind and clip the cords neatly. No more cords tangling, getting frayed and kinked, etc. It also protects the adapter if it gets dropped. I have the aqua blue one and am obsessed with it!

Erin Whitney

DO NOT UPGRADE! Apple lied. Turn by turn is NOT turn by turn. You still have to touch the phone. Also, you can not search like before. And like you, I miss my Google Maps. I am almost tempted to switch to Android because of this :[

Lisa Mitchell

The only thing that makes an appearance in my bag on a day to day basis is a book. The rest comes and goes, usually a phone, a wallet, a bottle of water or Diet Coke and my iPod. But the book is the only necessary item in there.


I love these kinds of posts–my bag looks very similar to yours but add in a stack of alcohol prep pads, my stethoscope, clif bar, and iPad (instead of laptop).

Bailey Humphrey

I love these kinds of posts as well! It helps me decide what to pack in mine. Unfortunately, right now I am using a cross body, it is too small to put everything I need in there, while my longchamp gets monogrammed. It will be worth the wait 🙂