Organize, Please… Bathrooms

I truly love my apartment. It’s in a great location, has adorable curb appeal, and (most importantly) has fantastic storage. Two closets, plus plenty of space in the bathroom. I couldn’t be happier. (I do, however, have a not-so-healthy habit of apartment hunting though. I can’t help myself!)
Anyway, storage space is really hard to come by and I absolutely count my lucky stars every time I enter my bathroom. While the apartment is obviously lacking in square-footage (hello, it’s NYC), the built-in storage makes all the difference.  

I’ve never had a medicine cabinet, but I’ve always wanted one. They just seemed so cool growing up and I loved how people snooped in them in just about every movie and television show. Now that I have one, they’re not really that cool (boo…), but it does clear up a lot of counter space because, well, I have no counter space.
In full disclosure, this is how it looks at any given moment… as in, I didn’t rearrange or take anything out. This is it. I keep all of my “everyday” things in here. Makeup, basic toiletries, face wash, etc. I really keep both doors open the whole time I’m getting ready in the morning and just grab whatever I need as I go. (Plus, the mirrors are great because I can see what the back of my hair looks like!
One super amazing part of the bathroom is this floor to ceiling shelving unit. (I keep a Swiffer underneath the first shelf.)
Having six baskets keeps everything super contained, but I don’t have to see all the random stuff. Oh boy, would that drive me insane. I got the baskets at Target; they’re perfect!!
The baskets on the bottom contain things I use frequently, but maybe not every day. On the left, I have hair product, lotion, my Clarisonic charger, makeup remover, etc. On the right, I have headbands, hair ties, and some more makeup.

On the second shelf, I have extra travel cases and some of the cleaning supplies (I have other thing in the kitchen though too!).

On the highest shelf, I have extra toilet paper and paper towels plus all of my first aid kit stuff.
Under my sink is simply extra towels and my blow dryer/straightener.
When it comes to bathrooms, I’m generally into proper “containment,” rather than organization. With things being weird sizes and some stuff getting used more often than others, it’s best to just find great storage solutions. Make what you need on a daily basis within easy reach and use vertical storage for not-so-every-day items. (I have a step stool that I use to reach the highest shelves!)
How do you organize your bathroom?


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So cute. I share a bathroom with my sister and she steals all the drawers, so I put a vanity in my room and leave most of my grooming stuff there.


I love how you post so consistently. I can always expect you to pop up in my bloglovin! And yours post never disappoint <3



I'm basket obsessed too when it comes to my bathroom! I also love little containers for easy access to cotton balls or q-tips!


I have baskets in my bathroom closet for my hand towels and face towels, I stack my bath towels because I have enough room to. I may start rolling them though, because I love that look.
I'm blessed with lots of counter space, and sadly I use all of it. One section is jewelery and makeup and the rest are my daily products. It doesn't look as nice as it could, but sometimes I feel I should sacrifice function over fashion! 🙂

carelessly graceful


I am all about the baskets. Cute and functional. I am redoing my bathroom storage because I don't like having so much under my sink. I am going to add baskets instead of having everything out

Allie Emme

I like the baskets! Cute idea! I have a medicine cabinet as well so most of my stuff is stored there. All my hair styling tools are stored underneath the sink in a cabinet and the items I reach for the most (lotions, hair brush, hair ties, etc) is stored in a small canvas shower cady tote on the sink counter.
xx Allie

Katies Bliss

So jealous of your two closets! My guy and I have to share one in our tiny apt 🙁 Really impressed with how your organized and clean your bathroom is!



The only storage space in my bathroom is under the sink, so I have stacked containers organized in a similar way to your baskets, but not half as cute!

Alexandrea J. Wilson

I have been desparately trying to figure out how to reorganize my bathroom and this post totally inspired me! I don't know why I hadn't thought of using baskets! But I love this idea and I will definitely get on it! 🙂 Thank you for this tip!

Julia D.

I share a bathroom with three female housemates so we try to keep our stuff contained to our individual drawers, but other than that there isn't much rhyme or reason to it.

Sarah Navina

Your bathroom is well organized. I will also try to prepared my bathroom as yours. Right now my house is under construction and now i am searching some furniture for my kitchen, bedroom and for my bathroom. So i have visited many online furniture stores for purchase the stuff.