Apartment Tour!

Eep! So I’ve truthfully been putting off doing an apartment tour because I felt like I was going to be doing more decorating. Yea. I realized that I’ve already been in the city for six months and that this is definitely as good as it’s going to get. It drives me crazy half the time when I don’t think my apartment is “cute” enough (thank you Pinterest for making me feel inadequate). And then the other half of the time I actually love it. It’s not going to be featured in any magazine anytime soon, but I’m just fine with that.
Eventually, when I’m like actually grown up, I’ll hire someone to decorate for me. Because interior design is not my strength. At all. As you’ll note. (Hello white walls.)
I think that the walking video tour of my apartment is super funny. It’s literally how I see my apartment. Ha!

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LOVE this post! I never realized I didn't know what your voice sounded like… probably because you feel like you 'know' your favorite bloggers! You're so cute, and you def didnt give yourself enough credit for the decor!


I literally just recorded a video tour of my apartment for an upcoming blog post. I love seeing how you decorated!


You're apartment is super cute, and I really like the way it is decorated. I currently live in a studio and it is way way over decorated, I need a one bedroom to fit all of the pictures I want to hang. I love your "live colorfully" pillow, it's a good daily reminder!



Your apartment is seriously so cute! I would love to have a place like that in NYC! Thanks for sharing 🙂


Jessie Springer

Thanks for sharing! I was actually surprised by how large your apartment is! It's about twice the size as a lot of my friends apartments in New York! It may not feel totally decorated to you but it looks great and you're not going to tire of those classic pieces!

Jessie Holmes Springer



your apartment is so adorable! I love your tiny hallway kitchen – it looks like it's still super functional despite its size.


I love your apartment!!! It is so so so cute!! I especially love your bookshelf to the right of your tv… such a great use of space!! But, I overall just love the whole thing! Oh, and the VOGUE covers are so fabulous 🙂

xoxo, Frannie

Lea Anne

Love this, thanks for sharing! As a fellow NYer, trust me your kitchen is not that out of the ordinary! I've seen things/layouts of NYC apartments that I swear would never happen in other cities.

Alyssa Freitas

Wow, great job with the space you have! I would be tempted to have a lot of pieces, but you did a great job with keeping it simple.



how does the fridge OPEN!?!?! haha the kitchen looks so narrow in the video! maybe it's just the perspective of the camera, loved the tour.

Madame Preppy

Thank you for sharing this, your apartment is really cute ♥
I just got into blogging and you're a really great inspiration to me, I think I spend yesterday's whole evening reading the last two years of your Blog. Keep up like this, you're amazing!


Courtney B

i work at an interior design firm, if theres one thing i learned, bright pillows rugs and draperies do wonders for a space! And there's tons of tutorials online for no-sew draperies and pillow covers. I'm going to do some for my bedroom and living room at school (im thinking about a little change).



This is great! Your apartment is adorable and in very jealous of your closet! I'm moving into my NYC apartment this weekend and wanted to know where you got some things. Where is your tv stand and your kitchen table from? I really like both!