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I’m writing this post at 10pm on Thursday night. (I most always write my posts two hours before they have to go live at midnight actually– I like the pressure from the deadline!) It’s been a long week, but I actually had to go back to my calendar and scroll through my iPhone photos to remember what exactly happened. Seriously, it’s been one of those weeks. A couple of press previews (omg, I can’t wait for these shoes!) and a few meetings here and there… but my two favorite things? Getting to talk with a group of interns– they were awesome. AND getting to meet a bunch of readers in Connecticut at the new Lou and Grey store.
I don’t think I can emphasize enough how incredible it is to meet with readers. Sometimes blogging can be lonely and singular when it’s just me and my computer all day and sometimes I can let stress get in the way of enjoying what I do. Whenever I meet someone who reads my blog, it’s this glorious reset! An amazing little reminder of what the greater purpose is! I’ve tallied it up and I think I got to meet somewhere around 200 readers in the past seven days. No big deal or anything, but you guys totally rock my world 🙂

Insert all the rainbow and heart emojis.

ONE // Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Three words: DO NOT MISS.

TWO // Kacy Catanzaro

This girl is my new hero. Can we just talk about her strength, agility, and downright determination. I can’t even describe how in awe I am of her. She conquered the American Ninja Warrior course like a true pro. And doesn’t she make it look easy?! GIRL POWER. When she starts leaping from pole to pole… omg. The audience’s reactions are priceless. I’ve bookmarked the video on my computer because I want to be able to view it every time I a) feel lazy b) feel like I can’t accomplish something and/or c) need a boost of inspiration.

THREE // Elaine Strich Passed Away

89 years young. Elaine Strich is a true Broadway legend. I literally just watched her documentary (Elaine Strich: Shoot Me… added it to my documentaries list!) a few weeks ago. She’s a character and a half. If you don’t know who she is, check out this NY Times article and I definitely recommend the documentary for everyone.

FOUR // Kate Spade Bathing Suits

Okay, they’re not available yet. But I have a trip to the beach planned for January 2015 and I will absolutely be rocking a Kate Spade bathing suit!! Already counting down the days. The release of the swimwear line is currently slated for November.

FIVE // Chimps Attend Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Screening

I couldn’t help but include this totally feel good Youtube clip. Seriously… those little monkeys are too cute. The way they handed over their movie tickets?! I just about died. And the popcorn munching! Too much. Too, too much. Definitely the best little pre-weekend pick-me-up!

What’s on your radar for this week? Any fun weekend plans?


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OMG Kate Spade bathing suits!! I think my heart just melted and I made the face of the emoji with hearts for eyes and the cute pink bathing suit right next to it! Honestly cannot wait. And muchas gracias for the update about the Nordstrom sale… I already have items in my cart (a true shopping addict).

Annie Belle

Mana Smith

I can't wait for the Kate Spade bathing suits to come out! They're going to be so amazing. And I hope to someday meet you. You were one of my biggest inspirations when I decided to start blogging regularly and put more effort into it.
Fashion and Happy Things

Audrey Lin

WOW that Kate Spade bathing suit is too cute! I've been wanting to watch arise of the Planet of the Apes, and I'm also dying to watch TFIOS! This summer, I've watched Maleficent and How to Train Your Dragon 2 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


Omg, I watched the Kacy Catanzaro video yesterday (added it to my 'Weekend Skims' post, too, lol) and was so inspired! Beast mode, for sure.

Have a great weekend!