The Nautical Nautical from Charming Charlie

If you are like me and love any and all things nautical, you are going to absolutely love Charming Charlie’s latest collection. Everything is nautical inspired: Think anchors, ropes, and lots of navy. I couldn’t get over how perfect the entire line is, and perfectly priced. There’s four pages of products and every page is better than the last.
Here’s how I styled a few of my favorite pieces:
I’m not really one to mix stripes and a bold print, but I kind of LOVED how the nautical stripes scarf looked with my shirt. The scarf is also the perfect size to use as a little shawl with a simple navy dress, which makes it extra perfect for a cool night by the water.
You know I can’t say no to a great bangle. This stack of bangles comes with five different bracelets that you can mix and match. I paired the bigger orange and little light blue ones with a navy anchor bangl. I have a feeling these are going to be in a regular rotation in my outfits.
I also wore the dainty little leather band with the three charms, the teardrop earrings, and this striped ring. The ring is a little outside my comfort zone, but I have to admit, I kind of fell in love with it. (And it definitely tied all the colors plus the metallic gold together.) 
Photos by Alain Brin

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