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I had a packed week! So many great things, but also a whole lot of late nights to make up for the fun. Plus, I’m in Dallas right now for the rewardStyle conference so I was trying to fit so much in before hitting the road. This is how I felt every night around 2am when I finally went to bed:
Teddy gets it. Big yawns. (Also, I’m wearing pajama shorts in that photo, haha!)
Wearing: Kate Spade Stelli Dress (c/o)
It was absolutely a work hard, play hard week. Kate Spade invited Garrett and me to a screening of the documentary Iris. I feel like I know Iris Apfel from her photographs, but WOW. This film is incredible. She’s such an interesting woman and has had a fascinating career. I more than teared up when it got to the parts about her sweet relationship with her husband. 
We also saw Live From New York, a documentary about Saturday Night Live. An entertaining documentary for sure. I mean, you can’t go wrong with SNL’s funniest clips and exclusive interviews with past hosts and cast members. Oh, I cried in this one as well.
And what meeting could be better than a macaron meeting?
What’s been on my radar this week:

ONE // Love Our Nurses!

I think this is one of the best “reaction” videos out there. I watched it on repeat a couple of times. Don’t forget to thank your nurses!!!

TWO // Full House Sequel on Netflix

It’s official!!! Netflix is making a sequel for Full House. I think FH is one of those shows you can watch every episode six times and never get sick of it. Truth be told, I will be devastated if Michelle Tanner is not a part of the cast (aka MK&A!!!). The horse back riding accident episode is one of my favorites because both girls were in it. Now, I assumed the Olsens were too busy/above the show to be involved, but it turns out they didn’t know about it?! I hope this means that they will be included after all!

THREE // Cup of Jo’s Relationship Advice Post

I found this interview to be very interesting in terms of relationships. I’m by no means a relationship expert, but being in one (a real one for the first/only time in my life) has opened my eyes a bit!

FOUR // Alison’s Nautical Patio

My friend Alison recently decorated her new patio. I’ve been getting sneak peeks over text message photos, but still, I’m blown away by the final result. I think she nailed it!!! (Hey Alison… can I come visit soon??)

FIVE // Vibrant Paintings from Touch

One more video because I like to end these posts on an inspiring note. I kind of can’t get over how beautiful this young man’s paintings. He has gone blind but paints through touchā€“ the end result will blow you away!

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I am beyond in love with that Kate Spade dress you are wearing!!! I want so bad šŸ™‚ And I too an so happy for the new Full House! I just hope it is similar to what the show used to be and isn't too "new TV" esk – kind of what happened with the Boy Meets World spin off.

Annie N Belle