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Oy. This week. That’s really all I have to say about how this week went. Let’s just say, there was a lot of pizza, s’mores, and ice cream consumed.
Let’s just skip right down to the fun stuff… What’s been on my radar:
This. This. This. THIS. I’m first to admit that I overuse the word perfect, but in this case, it’s 100% appropriately used. That house is absolutely the most perfect summer beach house. A girl can dream right? Filing it away for future inspiration and current motivation…
Julia and I both share a celebrity crush on Eddie Redmayne. He is just darling. Then you add in Harry Potter? Talk about a hit. I can’t wait!!
This is such an amazing cover of “Chandelier.” I couldn’t stop listening to it. Simply beautiful and can you believe these are college students at Elon? So talented.
I spent more time than I care to admit perusing this website. You can click on different street corners to see what it used to look like. The old photos are incredible! 
I’ve never related to a Buzzfeed article as much as I did with this one. The struggle to find a great fitting bra is real. And it’s kind of a relief to know that it’s a universal problem though!

Anything good on your radar?

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Eddie Redmayne… Stealing my heart since Les Mis. I literally can't with this guy. Going full on white girl. I can't wait for the new Harry Potter spin-off now.

And let me just say: bra fittings are such a pain. My bust measurement is literally 33". In between all the sizes. Hooray.

– Sydney at Doe Eyed Dreams