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Garrett, Teddy, and I are heading to the Catskills for a little weekend in the woods today. We found the cutest converted one room schoolhouse to rent. It looks like it’s going to be a chilly weekend which I’m really excited for. I can’t wait to bundle up, relax, and enjoy the outdoors. (I think Teddy may end up having the most fun of all of us.)

A little bit sad to be missing the Head of the Charles regatta this weekend, but I did have some fun going through old photos from the last time I went! This was yesterday’s #tbt on Instagram:

On my radar…
I’m really proud of my good friend Jess for creating a clothing line with Evine. Not only are the clothes super cute and affordable, but she’s going to be selling the collection on LIVE TV. It will be airing tonight at 8pm EST and tomorrow at 10am EST, here’s how to find the channel. That alone deserves a major round of applause. I know she’s been practicing a ton so… Break a leg, Jess! 
A reader left a link to Nancy Myers’ Pinterest board on the post where I talked about wanting to cut my hair like Anne Hathaway in The Intern. This is so cool… you can see the inspiration the director had behind the characters and branding of the movie. You can see what she envisioned for ATF’s branding, the office, the characters (including the cutest little Paige!). I wish we had access like this to all movie inspiration; it’s awesome!
I’m not a big fan of holiday decorations, but candles I can do. I’ve been lighting a candle in the kitchen to burn while I work all day. We had a great huge apple pumpkin one and after it was done we switched to a plain pumpkin. I didn’t think it had a strong enough scent so I started researching for the best pumpkin candles out there… all signs pointed to this candle by Nest Fragrances. IT REALLY IS THE BEST! Oh my…. it’s wonderful! I think I’m going to need to burn this right through Thanksgiving. (Then I’m switching to the holiday candle, which I actually keep a tiny one of on my nightstand because I love it.)
FOUR // Officer Nolan
If this isn’t the sweetest thing on the Internet right now, I don’t know what is. I saw this absolutely heartwarming note an eight year old wrote for his favorite police officer, including some “coffay moni$” taped to the note. I couldn’t stop smiling as I read and I think it’s such a testament to the impact a person can have on a child’s life by doing something as simple as reading and being there!
Let’s just say, I’ve never wanted to chew Extra gum more than I do right now… This is good great marketing.

Any fun weekend plans or something that caught your attention online this week?

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