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This has been a great week! My mom and dad came into town and I’ve been having the best time showing them around. We even made a trip out to Fishkill Farms again for a little apple picking and pumpkin picking. I would honestly go every day if I had the chance. We had the windows of the car rolled down and it just felt so peaceful and crisp. If only I could bottle that feeling up in a jar and save it for a bad day down the road.

Anchor Skirt (c/o) + Ballet Flats

Here’s what was on my radar this week…

ONE // Smarties Is Thriving

This is a really inspiring article about the women running the retro Smarties brand. I had no idea about the company so it was cool to read that it’s a family run business with three Gen Yers currently at the helm, all granddaughters of the founder. Makes me want to go stock up on Smarties!

TWO // The Town of Giethoorn

I have officially added Giethoorn to my travel bucket list. I was dying over the photos. Instead of paved roads, the entire town gets around little canals. When I raced at Henley, we trained long hours every day and I used to love rowing through neighborhoods on the water. So idyllic. This is how I want to retire or something!!!

THREE // 7 Delicious Popcorn Toppings

Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks. I can’t get enough. I want to try a bunch of these popcorn combos… especially the Lucky Charms marshmallow one. (I mean, who knew you could BUY the marshmallows. Like, no cereal. Just marshmallows. IN BULK. #addstocart.)

FOUR // The Rise of Rifle Paper Co

This is a wonderful profile on Anna Bond and her company Rifle Paper Co. I have long been obsessed with Rifle Paper Co… I first blogged about it back in 2012! As a fan, I think it’s been wonderful to see how big the company has grown.

FIVE // Bindi Irwin’s DWTS Tribute to her Father

You’ve been warned… do not watch this in public. Remember Bindi Irwin, Steve Irwin’s tiny and adorable sidekick? She’s grown up into a gorgeous young woman and currently competing on Dancing With the Stars. Her dance this week was in memory of her father and, whoa, it hit me in the feels. I was a puddle throughout this entire video. It’s so moving. The dance is so beautiful and truly perfect if you ask me.

What’s been on your radar this week?

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Oh my goodness. The entire clip of Bindi from the start of the package to the end of judging had me in tears. So beautiful in a heartbreaking way. She's truly amazing and has a heart of gold.

Olivia Stieren

Popcorn is my favorite food (even made it a wedding favor), and I promptly ordered those marshmallows as soon as I saw the link. No shame. Can't wait to mix them with popcorn and maybe make homemade brownies with them, too!