J. Crew New Arrivals

I went a little crazy at the J. Crew store! I had flipped through the holiday catalog and loved so much of what I saw. Thought I’d share what I got plus some more of my favorite picks here. Because they’re good. Really, really good.
Fair Isle Sweaters | There are a few fair isle sweaters from the past few years that I regret not buying. I guess that’s still sticking with me and now I feel like I can’t let any pass me by! I loved the monochromatic version just as much as the pink and orange option.
Fair Isle Leggings | I have a pair of J. Crew skivvies from 2007 (I think) and they’re still some of my favorite leggings to wear to sleep whenever I’m home in Florida. They’re so comfortable to lounge around in and to wear with favorite fleeces and sweatshirts. With a few upcoming ski trips planned, I think these are perfect for the 9pm bedtimes! 
Pom Pom Knit Hat | Dressing for the cold is a skill I’ve had to learn late in life. I think back to what I wore the first few years at Georgetown and can’t believe how I survived. (Especially during our weeklong snowpocalypse. That “puffer” coat was not thick enough!) It’s funny because my high school crew coach wouldn’t let us wear hats during practice (only visors) because we’d overheat in the Florida sun. Now I’m all about hats, keeping the heat in and my ears nice and toasty!
Plaid Pajamas | Can one ever have enough pajamas?
Smartwool Socks | I bought a few for Garrett and myself actually. These are going to be great to wear with boots when it’s snowy and around the house just for warm feet.
The new shoes really caught my eyes… These plaid heels are stunning, but it’s these d’orsay flats are too good.
More favorites:

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Oh I love everything! I have about 7 items sitting in my "virtual" cart right now and I'm so excited about all of it. Despite popular opinion, fall/winter is my favorite ­čÖé