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The absolute highlight of my week was attending Kate Spade’s annual holiday party. It’s always my favorite event of the year. It’s unbelievably over the top and just so much fun. This year there was a was an entire room filled with the collections of gifts with the cutest descriptions; we each were allowed to pick one collection to gift to a friend. I picked out the “Head in the Clouds” box for my sister! (Which I ended up getting myself at the end of the night!)

Here’s what’s been on my radar this week:

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Nordstrom has a ton of great finds on sale right now, including Tory Burch riding boots which are 40% off available in almost every size! I also love this Kate Spade handbag and the classic check cashmere Burberry scarf!

TWO // The Baby-Sitter’s Club Cast Reunion 

I absolutely loved reading The Baby-Sitters Club books growing up and watching the videos… and the Little Sister series with Karen, duh. Did anyone else read/watch the series?! I watched the movie at one of my first sleepover parties, haha! I couldn’t believe the cast of the movie had a reunion… the photos on Instagram are great!

THREE // French vs. American Girl Style

How fun is this video with Camille Rowe portraying the differences between French and American girls. I cracked up at the part where she’s giving directions because that’s so what I do!!

FOUR // Video Ad About Moms 

I highly recommend watching this video. It’s an ad and it’s technically about mommy wars (brilliant marketing in my opinion!), but the message is important for everyone. You never know what someone else has gone through or is going through so you shouldn’t pass judgement.

FIVE // Ladurée’s Chic Co-President

This is an amazing profile on Elizabeth Holder, one of the co-presidents of Ladurée. As a huge fan of the macarons, I loved hearing more about the brand and the story behind its growing popularity. I need to make a stop into the store next time I’m in the city. (I love sitting down for a cappuccino!)

Anything fun on your radar this week?

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Olivia Stieren

That party looks to die for! Just seeing the pictures puts me in the ultimate holiday spirit.

What a great moms video…I work with children with special needs, and it's hard for me to see up close what these moms deal with every day. I often hear comments such as, "Is this choice what all other moms are doing?" "I feel like I'm not ever doing enough for them." It breaks my heart. I love that hashtag and what this video stands for!