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This was a week of HIGHS and LOWS. I’d honestly prefer to just coast right down the middle of life, but sheesh, it was a trying week. Thankfully I ended the week with the highs and I think it’s safe to say that it sort of made those lows worth it. I’ll do a longer post later, but I had a serious flare of perfectionism that was just a nightmare.

Garrett’s brother Rob and his boyfriend Carlin came down from Rhode Island because they had a few days off work. It’s always a good time when family comes to visit! We decided to head into the city for dinner for dumplings. (If you haven’t been to Joe’s Shanghai for the soup dumplings, you are missing out my friend.) And then ice cream. We spent a bit of yesterday exploring Connecticut and showing them around before they had to head back home. Honestly, it was the perfect 24 hour break and exactly what we all needed to decompress. (Is there something in the air? Everyone seems to have overloaded plates right now!)

I convinced Garrett to go to the beach yesterday afternoon. I only needed five minutes but it’s seriously the best way to feel refreshed. I’ve mentioned it before but I took living by the water for granted in Florida. Now I crave hearing the ocean and feeling the salty air! Luckily it’s a five minute drive from our apartment now!
Anyway, my radar for this week:
This is obviously an old interview, but I somehow fell down a black hole of Youtube watching interviews and stumbled on this one. I found it fascinating and pretty inspiring. They truly did build this incredible brand over the years. Definitely recommend saving this to watch later when you have time.
Ellen is just too funny. She constantly comes up with the most hilarious pranks. In this video, Ellen is telling Adele what to say through an earpiece while inside a Jamba Juice. And Adele, she’s just the best for being such a great sport throughout this one. (When she starts chewing the wheatgrass…. I was crying!)
OMG. Yessssss. Gingham is coming back in full force right now. I’m all freaking about it. I bought these pants immediately… and this tunic coverup… and this popover. Even more gingham:
I’ve been doing Kayla’s workouts and I’m really obsessed with how great they are. 28 minutes seems easy but it’s a killer workout. I’m sore for days… in a good way. I found an exclusive workout she put together for Teen Vogue in case you want to try before you buy!
I love the idea of a dog friendly office. But having worked in an office that welcomed dogs, I can say with certainty there’s a difference between allowing dogs and having a dog friendly office. It’s more than just wanting dogs to be there! It has to be conducive to a good working environment for everyone. I love the way this office is set up it‚Äď it looks like the perfect place for dogs and workers! (How happy do the pups look???)

Anything fun on your radar this week?


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White Cabana

I could not stop laughing when I was watching the Adele & Ellen clip. Oh my goodness. Those two! I do not know how the heck Adele kept such a serious face!
p.s. You're very lucky to live so close to the water! You should visit daily!


Do you mind telling us about your top (or is a shirt/sweater combo) in the photo? It is darling! I love the scalloped edges.

Emily Anderson

That Adele video is so funny. I watched it on my lunch break the other day and had to try so hard to not laugh out loud in my cubicle!


I laughed SO hard watching that Ellen and Adele piece. Two of my favorite women that are just hilarious together. Plus, watching Ellen laugh always makes me laugh. I don't know how Adele kept a straight face.
And I also do Kayla's workouts. They kill me every time, but after 8 weeks my body is stronger than it's ever been. I'm thrilled to continue to see results. Definitely stick with them!
Sweet Horizon