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The highlight of my week was live-modeling for one of Inslee’s watercolor class. We partnered with Kate Spade so I got to wear gorgeous Kate Spade head to toe. (The bow blouse that I posted earlier this week, this gorgeous floral skirt, and these shoes I posted this winter.)
I was arguably the worst model ever; it was way more challenging than I expected. The hardest part besides awkwardly “striking poses” for everyone to draw was having lots of eyes on me. There was a solid fifteen seconds where I thought I was going to go into full-blown stage fright mode. Ended up being a lot of fun once I just laughed off the awkwardness and the class was unbelievably talented. Some of the girls had never done anything like this before and the final pieces looked like professional works of art.
The rest of the week was pretty standard albeit incredibly rainy and windy! Wellies were necessary! 
I love that Tommy Hilfiger has partnered with Runway of Dreams to create a line of adaptive clothing for children with disabilities. You really have to watch the Runway of Dreams video where they talk more about the line and the importance of it. (It’s six and a half minutes but so worth it.)

TWO // Cutest House in Georgetown for Sale

One of the best parts of going to Georgetown was being able to live in a stunning, historic neighborhood. The worst part is living in a stunning, historic neighborhood when you’re 18 and knowing that you can’t afford to live there in the real world. Ha! I used to walk around the cobblestone streets and dreaming of which house I’d want to live in. I always liked the tiny houses smooshed between bigger ones. This tiny house is for sale and I have to say, it’s incredibly tempting.

THREE // How People Learn To Become Resilient 

A great, relatively easy read about resiliency. I think resiliency is a really powerful character trait. I loved the question the article posed: “Do you succumb or do you surmount?”

FOUR // Undeveloped WWII Film Discovered

This video is unreal. Can you imagine being the first person to see these incredible photos? It’s also crazy how the film is so old and can’t be developed, but with simple technology he’s able to bring the photos to life.

FIVE // First Monday in May Trailer

OMG. I cannot wait for this new documentary about the Met Ball! It looks so, so good. I actually got goosebumps at one point while watching the trailer. Also, Anna Wintour. She’s the ultimate. 

Anything good on your radar this week?

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