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Graduation Gifts

I realize that I may be a bit behind on graduation gifts. I had it on my content calendar two weeks ago and somehow it… fell through the cracks. Gifts for graduates can be a little tricky. Should you go for a gift gift or something practical. What even constitutes a good graduation gift anyway?
In high school, I exchanged gifts with a few of my friends for our graduation. I used them for years. (Some are still in use in fact.) And when I graduated from college, I didn’t ask for gifts and instead my parents helped me buy my furniture for my first apartment– it was the best gift I could have received! And really helped a lot when I was just getting on my feet financially!
Here are some gifts that I think make for great graduation gifts. (I tried to keep it neutral for high school grads and college grads.)
First up, I’m sharing what I think are great ideas for gifts when you have to buy a bunch. Stocking up on these for grad parties and your close friends at school. They’re practical and cute and affordable:
And here are some ideas if you need some gift ideas:

Do you have a go-to graduation gift or a recommendation?

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Bailey H

I love all of these items! I actually gave my friends the Pinch Provisions kits when I graduated. They had never heard of them before and all loved them!! Thanks for sharing your suggestions!


Ashley Bautista

I got two of the cable bracelets from DY and I still wear them everyday. They are a nice reminder of how far I have come in my education and I think they are a timeless gift! I also love the passport holder, and suitcase because those will last a while too!


3 Peanuts

These are great ideas and I could add a few more for girls but what about ideas for GUYS?! I need some suggestions for Will's friends. The hot gift this year for guys seems to be personalized Yeti cups but my boys get them at every function now so I need a new idea.