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We’re having the best time in Ireland. I knew it would be a memorable trip, but it’s still even better than I expected. I already have a long list of places we didn’t have time for and places I wanted to return to again. Hopefully soon; I don’t know how long I’ll be able to wait before returning! 
Here’s what’s been on my radar:
Do you ever have one of those products where you wonder how you went so long without it once you finally get it? That’s how I’m feeling about the Longchamp backpack. I wanted a simple bag to carry around Ireland and thought a small backpack would be the best option. Naturally I waited until the last minute and didn’t have time to order one online. I popped into the Longchamp store and splurged on the backpack. I have not stopped carrying it!!! Perfect hands-free alternative to a handbag!
Omg, this may just be the best America’s Got Talent audition of all time. Grace VanderWaal is only 12 years old but Simon Cowell is predicting that she’s the next Taylor Swift. And seriously? Her voice???? She’s going to be bigger than Taylor Swift. I had goosebumps the entire time!

I love Snapchat! I love sharing little bits of life in short videos and quick photos, but it’s also been fun to watch it grow as a business. It’s hard to believe that a few years ago it was known for less savory reasons and now it’s “worth” more than a billion dollars. Their monetization has been the most interesting to follow because I think they’ve figured it out in a way smoother way than any other social app has been able to do. Get everyone on board with fun filters and then slowly introduce awesome sponsored ones where the users are disseminating the ads to their own followers? Brilliance.

FOUR // Farmgirl Flowers

I’ve had so many reasons to send fresh flowers to friends and family lately. One of my friends just had the most adorable little girl and I had to send her a pink bouquet to celebrate. I’m obsessed with Farmgirl Flowers (the Instagram account alone is swoon-worthy); the peony bouquets are STUNNING and a huge hit! Highly recommend!

FIVE // Ó’Máille– The Original House of Style

When we came to Ireland, we knew we had to get an authentic Aran sweater. There are a ton of stores in just about every town selling sweaters, but we were looking for the real deal. After a bunch of researching, we decided to swing by Ó’Máille’s in Galway. It was amazing!! The four of each found a hand-knitted sweater that we will all cherish for years and years to come. My favorite part was that each sweater came with a tag with the name of the woman who knitted it. Each knitter has a little bit of a unique style so it’s like every sweater tells its own story. If you can’t get out to the store, they actually accept orders online!

Anything fun on your radar this week?
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I'd love to order a sweater! Can you let us know what size you bought? I was just in England, and while in the US I'm normally a 2 in tops I was a 6 there. Wonder if Ireland is similar? Awesome Post!


I love that photo of you! So Ireland!

I love my Longchamp backpack too. I don't use it nearly as much as I should, but it's definitely the perfect day trip bag when I don't feel like lugging around a purse on one shoulder. I'm so glad you love yours too!!


Maria Abad

Love seeing all your pictures from Ireland, it has been on my to-go places for a while and reading about all the great sights you've been to, makes me more eager to go. Super cute stripe dress by the way. I'm going to a Jazz Age Lawn party in Governor's Island in New York this weekend and brunch on Sunday. Have a wonderful weekend.

MariaOnPoint | Find me on IG

Mary Higgins

Love this pic!
Also, I have been thinking (well, more deciding) whether or not to get another Long Champ tote, or the backpack!

Audrey Lin

I was reading a post like this on some other blog and they also shared Grace VanderWaal, so I've been listening to all the videos on her YouTube channel 😛 I'm absolutely taken by her! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


Your pictures are amazing! Are you going to share your itinerary from your trip? especially your hotel choices along the way and where you began your journey? that would be a great post. curious about the car rental.

Sarah R.

How much did the Aran sweaters run? I'm studying abroad in London this fall and would love to swing by Ireland and pick up a sweater, but I'm sure being hand knit it'll cost a pretty penny, so I'd like to start budgeting now. Thanks!