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This week was a doozy, in a good way. On Monday, I spoke on a panel about blogging that was hosted by General Assembly. I was so impressed with their team and loved the whole concept. They offer a ton of courses– full time and part time– and host free events frequently. Definitely worth checking out if you’re in the NYC area. (I’m really interested the data analytics course!)
On Tuesday, I was a part of a denim photo shoot for StyleWatch Magazine, and it was so much fun. I don’t really know what I was expecting, but it ended up being a huge and super legit production. I felt a little intimidated! I wish I had thought to Snapchat more behind the scenes… there was hair, makeup, nails… a stylist… a seamstress who was hemming jeans on the spot… and so many other elements. I felt like a mini-celebrity for the day! When we started shooting, I couldn’t stop laughing because there was an actual fan to make my hair blow, just like you see in the movies!!! The issue comes out in October, and I already can’t wait to see what photos/outfits they will choose.
How gorgeous is Wee Burn Beach Club in Rowayton?! I was invited to lunch by Jen, the owner of Sail to Sable and it was the best afternoon by the beach.
Okay, now what’s on my radar for the week:
Okay, a bit of a confession here first. I’ve been watching a lot of Youtube videos lately. I read an article at the end of last year about “family vlogs” and found the whole thing fascinating. There are families out there that make daily videos, and they have HUGE (I’m talking MASSIVE) followings. Can’t lie, I’ve gotten hooked on a few. When we skied in Park City in March, we found out (via Instagram, of course) that the biggest Youtube family was there… The Shaytards. (Shay, the dad, sold his company Makers Studios to Disney for $500 million dollars.) After seeing them on the mountain, I now follow their channel.
They just collaborated on the cutest Sound of Music medley video with Peter Hollens, and I’m obsessed. The behind the scenes is just as cute too.
TWO // Pink Drink
What’s everyone’s thoughts on this Starbucks “Pink Drink” that’s all over Instagram?! I can’t decide if it looks amazing or disgusting! Has anyone tried it yet?!
I loved this video of Kate Winslet talking about believing in yourself. It’s such a great message. Definitely worth watching, and saving for later if you’re ever having a bad day. (I sent it to no fewer than four of my friends immediately.)
I’ve read a few from the list but have my work cut out for me! I think this is a well-rounded list with something for everyone. Pin it and refer to it before your next vacation when you need a book. (Here’s my personal summer reading recommendations for the summer!)
Is anyone else super pumped for the Olympics? I’ve been watching a lot of the coverage and a ton of the highlight videos all over Facebook. I can’t stop. It’s so exciting to watch people who have dedicated their whole lives to their sport qualify for the OLYMPICS. Amazing. I thought this was such a great short video about the swimmers!

Do you have fun plans for the long weekend?

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Mary Higgins

I feel that same exact way about the new Starbucks drink! My sister had it the other day and said it was amazing, but I am still too nervous to not order an iced chai and try this new drink!


Kate Winslet speech brought me to tears. Thank you Carly! I sent to my daughter who is studying for bar exam. And will send to many friends. Perfect! Thank you!


The Starbucks Pink Drink is amazing! I get it every time I'm there now! 🙂 It's also extremely low in calories, which is always helpful! Have a great long weekend and a Happy 4th!

Audrey Lin

The shoot sounds like it was so fun! // I haven't been to Starbucks in awhile, but it seems like people like the pink drink, and it does look quite pretty. I think there's a debate between whether the pink drink or purple drink is better! (The purple one looks pretty too) // Thanks for sharing the summer reads! 😀 // Haha I'm always the one the coach is telling off for being the last one in the pool 😛 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Erin Fairchild

I tried the pink drink and loved it! But it's very sweet so a few sips went a long way for me.

Her Heartland Soul

Francine Letty

I love the Shaytards! And when you went to Park City I freaked out because I knew they Shaytards were there also and I was like, "OMG my two favorite peoples all on one mountain at the same time"!