Diary No. 28

I think this was one of the hardest two week periods. Mike and I have been fully committed to the social distancing thing for over fourteen days. (I’ve lost track of days, but I know this is our third weekend of it.) While the actual quarantining part hasn’t been that bad (forever grateful we are…


On My Radar

I really just wanted to start this post with a huge thank you and a big virtual germ-free hug. I’ve been doing so much reflecting over the past two weeks and I’m just overwhelmed with gratitude for this community. For everyone who has sent me memes that they thought I would like (should I be…


Easy Does It

I have a handful of outfits that I shot earlier this month. I hesitated to share them, but I’m just going to post the last few and then…. see where life takes us. Sound good? This outfit can easily work year round too. So maybe just pin and save for later ☺️I’ve been craving simpler…

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Things Keeping Me Sane Right Now

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being totally normal and 1 being the very worst I’ve ever been, I’d say I’m at like a 3. I’m trying everything in my power to keep my thoughts “afloat” right now and there are moments of time where I feel relatively normal and then other times…


My Friends’ Favorite Books

I have been having quite a hard time reading. Ironically I thought when the self-quarantining began that I would be able to blow through books at an unprecedented rate. I didn’t factor in my anxiety and lack of attention span during a pandemic because, well, I’ve never been here before. I found myself completely uninterested…

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From the Archive

Thought I’d round up some of the most popular/most helpful posts throughout the years today. My DMs have been busier than usual lately and I think it’s because so many people (including myself) are on their phones a lot more. If you’re looking for distractions, here ya go! Lots of little rabbit holes to go…


A Book & Series to Read & Watch

In light of everything going on, I toyed with the idea of dropping weekend posts. I’m going to keep them… for now, but I imagine a few posts here and there will be a little “fluffier” than normal. I’m taking things one day at a time in terms of content to keep things as fresh…


Cozy (Spend Responsibly)

As you know, I do product round ups every other Saturday. This is going to be a two-fold post. Maybe actually three-fold. I want to preface this by saying I’m sure I’m not going to say this perfectly. I’m trying my best but I’m also operating with a little 1) We need to spend responsibly….

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On My Radar

Well, this has been a week. (I think that goes without saying, but, like, have to address it.) I’ve been riding waves of emotions. Everything from panic to joy to frustration to fear to peacefulness. I’ve been trying to focus on things to be grateful for (and there are plenty even in a time like…