Little Linen Black Dress

I’m partnering today with J. Crew and, well, you know I’m excited!! This dress was on my summer wishlist for a while. It is such a classic piece that I think my wardrobe was missing. Usually I’m drawn to navy in the summer but I’ve been leaning more towards black! As much as I love…

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Easy Breezy

We have been putting LONG hours in our backyard. (I have the mosquito bites to prove it!) My ideal weekend day is going outside and sitting there from my morning coffee all the way through dinner. I needlepoint, nap, read, play fetch with the dogs. I think our backyard tops my gratefulness list every night…

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Four Shows to Watch

I have been on a bit of a TV kick lately. I love to needlepoint while watching TV and the past couple of weeks, I have been relaxing so, so much just by stitching and watching. I have three recommendations based on recent viewings: THE BABY-SITTERS CLUB (Netflix) This is a show you’ve already heard me…


Slow Sunday Mornings

My schedule is starting to fill back up– not necessarily with in person things, but I definitely feel a greater sense of “new” normalcy settling in. However, I still try to keep my weekends work-free(ish). If I do have to work, I will front load it and get as much done as possible on Saturday…


Thank You Notes

I love sending thank you notes. I think the tradition has fallen a bit to the wayside (I tend to receive texts over actual cards, which I still appreciate just as much.) But I can’t kick the paper habit. When I applied to college, I signed up for the business school because I thought I had…

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On My Radar

This past week was definitely the hardest I’ve had since the start of COVID restrictions in March. It was a culmination of a lot of things and I really can’t shake the feeling of uneasiness. I did my best to get my to-do list done as much as possible so I can fully step away…


What I Read In July

I’m really having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that August is on Saturday! I usually do this post the last day of the month, but tomorrow is Friday and I reserve that for “On My Radar.” It felt like I did more reading than I actually did in July. I had…

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Trying on Wedding Dresses at Elizabeth Johns

A few weeks ago, I went to Elizabeth Johns in Morristown to try on wedding dresses. It was really a turning point for me in the whole wedding planning process. It’s no secret that I never pictured myself as a bride or having a wedding, but now that we are… I was really starting to…


Lake Pajama Sale

A couple of weeks ago, I started getting a bunch of questions about the Lake Pajamas sale and when it would be happening. In my head I kept wondering why there was such an uptick in questions… it’s usually not until the end of July. Then I realized. Oh, it is the end of July…