Wedding Photos I’ve Saved

Even though I’ve never pictured myself having a big wedding, I have saved some images on Instagram. Mike knows I’m Team Elopement and he’s Team 400 Person Wedding. (I’d like my parents, sister, grandma, and a handful of my closest friends to be at my wedding and Mike’s the kind of guy who has fifty…


Diary No. 34

Time for another round up of iPhone snaps. I have been on a sewing spree. I can’t stop! I actually am finding it to be such a great thing to do at the end of a long day. I’ve been popping headphones in and listening to podcasts or music while I sew away. It’s very meditative…


On My Radar

Ducked away from the most wonderful week in upstate New York to write this. I just have been on cloud nine. It’s been nice to mix up our routine in a safe way and it’s been so fun to celebrate our engagement with Mike’s family. Lots of reading and lawn games this week!! ONE //…


We’re Engaged!

Mike proposed last Friday night! I think I’m still in a little bit of a daze because it caught me so off guard. Most of the night is kind of a blur because I was on cloud nine, but it was a perfect night. I knew Mike was proposing this summer, but I really didn’t…


A Dress for Dining Al Fresco

With gorgeous summer weather here in full force, we have been ALL ABOUT dining al fresco. We still haven’t ventured to restaurants yet (our town just started allowing outdoor seating), but we have been cooking a lot at home to eat outside, or when we’re feeling ~fancy~ ordering curbside pick up to bring home to eat….

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Prepster Playlist No. 26

Anyone else in the mood for a new playlist? I don’t really have a method for making these playlists, I just add songs that I like as I hear them and try them to around an hour… This one ended up a little more mellow than they usually are. It’s a great one to put…



I haven’t really worn shoes all that much since March. Sneakers to work out in and walk the dogs, my UGGs back when it was still freezing/snowing in March, and then now my Jack Rogers. It’s been a lovely break for my feet. (In fact, my right foot had been so swollen for three years…


One Year At Home

I can’t believe it’s already June 21st… today marks one whole year in our house. I feel like we’ve lived here forever though, in the best possible way. Mike and I are both so happy to be here. So much so that we’re both wishing we could live here forever. As excited as I was…

Warm Weather

Swimsuit & Coverup Matchup

I wanted to round up some of my favorite swimsuits and coverups and the combos I wear the most. I don’t think we will go down the shore as much as we did last year, but we are still sunbathing (or sun hiding in my case) and hanging out in our backyard quite a bit….

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