Pink & Red

With Valentine’s Day coming up and a week of very grey, very dreary weather, I have been in the mood for bright pinks and reds. I also have a beach trip coming up (fingers crossed we get lucky with warm weather) so that’s definitely been influencing my mood as well. Shop the finds below: Shop…

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Vintage Pajama Set ON SALE!

I love a good set of pajamas. I have too many, in fact. But one of my favorite pairs, the classic vintage pajama set from J. Crew, is currently marked down quite a bit. With code “BIGDEAL” you get an extra 30% off the already reduced price. Vintage Pajama Set PS My cashmere cardigan with…


On My Radar

This week was a blast! After a regular Monday (and spending the entire weekend getting ready), I had a two-day video shoot in my house with Refinery29. I was excited when I got casted for it but really didn’t understand the full scope of the project until they showed up on Tuesday morning. I was upstairs…


Long Black Dress

Does this dress look familiar? It’s the same silhouette as the green and white striped dress I fell in love with this summer and the navy dress I recently wore with boots on here. What can I say, when I know something works, I really commit to it. I actually just wore the navy one…

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My Ideal Morning Routine

I am a morning person through and through. I always have been and I imagine I always will be. 95% of the time I have no issues getting out of bed, and even with the 5% of days where I want to hit the snooze button, I am good to go the second my feet…


The Sweater Blazer AGAIN

I wondered if the sweater blazer situation was going to be a passing fad, but I’m happy to report that I’m still in love with it. It’s one of those miracle wardrobe staples that works in countless ways. I keep figuring out new ways to style it. I even wore it for our Christmas card…

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Making Dreams a Reality

Ever since I fell in love with reading (“late” in life, I was in college!), I’ve always dreamed of owning a bookstore. It felt pretty abstract for a while. More like watching You’ve Got Mail and thinking about how wonderful it would be to own a bookstore. (Minus the whole Foxbooks taking over part.) The more…


Fun in a Blazer

I wore a super similar outfit this fall and couldn’t resist putting together a similar vibe for the winter months. Ever since I got this blazer, I have been mixing it into my outfit quite a bit. On milder days, I sub it in for a coat even. Most recently, I wore this for an…

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Diary No. 24

I’m in shock that it’s February. Last year I remember these memes going around how it was January 328 (as if there were just so many days in the month), but this year it seemed to fly by? Maybe it’s just me?? Well, here’s what I’ve been doing for the past two weeks according to…