On My Radar

My mom finally made it up to see our house!! Her original flight was canceled a couple of weeks ago, so this is her “make up” trip. It’s been so fun to show her around town and hang out one on one. I’m planning on digging into even more projects around the house. Ordering products…


Factory Finds

J. Crew Factory’s new arrivals right now are really great. It’s the perfect pre-fall collection. When you’re in the mood to switch up your late summer wardrobe but still have the weather to consider. Velvet Hair Ribbon // Striped Pajamas // Denim Jacket Rain Jacket (comes in four colors!) // Slip Skirt // Button Through…

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Apple of my Eyelet

This has long been one of my go-to dresses for super hot summer days. J. Crew had it on their site for a couple of years and then Factory brought it back this year. It’s almost sold out online unfortunately but I couldn’t resist sharing this outfit. If your size is sold out, I did…

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teddy and hamilton

Traveling with Dogs

Is traveling with dogs worth it? In my opinion, sometimes. I have plenty of friends with dogs and everyone has a different opinion on it. I actually think it’s one of those things that comes down to personal preference and dogs’ temperaments more than anything else. I have friends with pups who literally snooze like…


5 Salads to Try Before the End of Summer

I feel like I always fail to make great salads at home. Why do they always taste so much better if someone else makes them ūüėȬ†Will definitely want to give these salads from Louisa a try‚Äď especially the watermelon and vermicelli ones!! 5 Salads to Try Before the End of Summer Guest post by Louisa…


An Interesting Theory

Between moving again this summer and turning 30 next month, I have been in the process of re-honing in on my wardrobe. Moving twice in two years definitely forced me to make better decisions about what I was bringing into my closet in the first place and then getting older is forcing me to reevaluate…

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Diary No. 12

Sharing some phone iPhone snaps from the past two-ish weeks! Nicole’s bachelorette party was¬†so much fun. It was very low-key and I think everyone had a blast. Her wedding is this month (!!!) and it was a great way for her friends from different parts of her life (neighborhood, college, work, etc.) to get to…


On My Radar

This week has been relatively “normal.” I think it was the first (almost full) week of normalcy since our move. Of course, we left for Mike’s family’s lake house last night so now we’re traveling again…. but still, I am here for feeling a bit closer to normal!! And I’m¬†so excited for the next few…

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In a Neutral Mood

After a cute summer dress, a monochromatic look is one of the easiest ways to get dressed while on a trip. It takes the guesswork out of things and even if the colors are slightly off (cream with white), it still works. I wore this¬†multiple times while on Nantucket and felt so good each time….

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