Business in the Front

I am fully under Sézane’s spell right now. In fact, I believe that is now my favorite clothing brand. I love the fit just as much as I love the style. Even just looking at their website inspires me to put together slightly chicer outfits. (Let me just tell you, too, my desire to return…


4 Super Simple Ways to Take Care of Yourself

Yesssss. Self care really is such a buzzword and can easily be brushed off as a “trend,” but I think the reason why it’s so popular right now is because it’s so important. I do believe that there are mixed messages about what self care looks like and it might be different for everybody. For…


Fresh Workout Gear

I have a pretty solid “uniform” down for what I wear for workouts. If I’m running, I wear these shorts and one of these tech shirts. For BBG/HIIT workouts, I wear yoga pants and a tech shirt (or just a sports bra). For yoga classes, I like to wear crop tops and high waisted yoga pants….


iPhone Snaps

I thought I had just done this, but it’s been over a month! I’ll try to be better about doing it more frequently because as I’m going through my phone I’m realizing just how much ground I have to cover. Choosing the best of the best for this. Usually, my dogs are extremely active. But since…


On My Radar

Ah! This was such a fun week!! Many trips into the city, dinners every night with friends, and a few fun events. Including… an event for the launch of Lilly Pulitzer’s coffee table book. (It also comes in a few gorgeous special editions.) I love coffee table books, and this one is so incredibly well done. It’s packed…


Black & White All Over

A couple of weeks ago, I had to take a quick trip into the city. It was a rainy but somewhat warm day and I knew I could get away with bare ankles. I started to piece this outfit together the night before and loved it so much I knew that I wanted to officially…


Current FAQ

Every year or so, I end up getting the same types of questions. It’s a very strange phenomenon, but since I’ve been blogging for ten years, I’ve come to expect it. I think I really started to notice the FAQ thing back in the day when I wore a monogrammed bracelet. I think I got…

Cold Weather

Winter Trench

I love my trench coat. Mine is an older style from J. Crew, but the current one looks just as great. When I take into account all of the days of the year, not just winter, I think it’s a tie for my most worn coat between my Patagonia puffer and my trench. Not a week…


9 30-Minute Dinners

I’ve been nearly perfect with my cooking once a week goal so far. I actually have been quite enjoying it. But… I definitely get in the habit of letting things slide if I’m short on time and then I’m getting takeout from somewhere! Love that these recipes from Louisa take under 30 minutes. No excuses…