The Wild Side

I cannot get over the silhouette of this shirt from Tuckernuck; they nailed it. I’m slowly but surely converting my closet to look like a Tuckernuck storefront. So flattering and incredibly comfortable. I really love the v-neck and flowy body with the ruffled cuffed sleeve. 10/10 recommend… and they’ve been releasing it in new fabrics…

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Cold Weather

Ski Bunny

Currently on a ski trip and packed some of my favorite ski-themed sweaters and sweatshirts. I have a bin in my closet where I store them. It’s a slight problem and one of my biggest fashion weaknesses. Can’t resist!!! Found some fun items still for sale (this is the time of year when they start…

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On My Radar

Right now I’m up in Stowe, VT with Mike and his family. Lots of skiing and game nights! It is kind of a funny time to be going on vacation having just had an extended break from work, haha. So I was in crunch mode this week getting everything prepped and ready!! Excuse the clutter…


Needlepoint for Beginners

“Needlepoint” was one of my top search terms for 2019. Which is crazy because I didn’t personally start to needlepoint until the end of the summer. Had I started on January 1, I think it would have definitely been the most searched term. I’ve been THRILLED to see how many people have picked up needlepoint….


With Meghan in the Megan

Meghan and I went to go see the NY Philharmonic perform their Holiday Brass concert. It was such a fun afternoon. I’m so glad I have a friend like Meghan. We’re cut from the same cloth in terms of being timely, committing things to our calendars, and seeking out fun activities. I get that not…

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Everything Little Women

Oh my word. I went and saw Little Women last week and I am officially obsessed. My friend and I had planned to go right after Christmas but couldn’t find a time to go together until after the New Year. I patiently waited and even thought I would be okay if I waited until I could download it…


Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

I almost skipped this sale altogether. I’m trying to go the next month without buying clothes. I have no need for anything and I am the least inspired wardrobe-wise during the dead of winter. In fact, I’ve been taking this “lull” as a reason to do a little more purging of my closet. But, I popped…

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Best Books of 2019

What a great year of reading. I read some duds, but I generally liked most everything I read last year. I documented my reading on my Instagram page, shared monthly recaps on here, and tracked everything on my Goodreads. I’m not including all of my “five-star” reviews because I feel like I was way stricter about…

Cold Weather

Camel and Black Season

I pretty much exclusively stick to navy and white in the summer, wear a lot of plaid and red in December, and then flip to camel and black until summer again. It wasn’t exactly a conscious thing but I organically find myself drawn to the color combination. I thought this sweater looked cute online, but…

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