5 Effortless Summer Dinners

I’m on Nantucket for the week and the house I rented has a nice sized kitchen and outdoor area… Perfect timing to get these recipes from Louisa! 5 Effortless Summer Dinners Guest post by Louisa from Living Lou If there’s one thing that I love the most about the summer it’s how effortless dinner can…


Weekend Sales

I didn’t want to let this weekend pass without sharing some of the amazing sales going on right now. Growing up, we almost always did our back to school shopping right after the Fourth of July. (We also started school the first week of August 😩) While I hate that retailers start bringing out the…


Diary No. 10

It’s been a hot minute since my last diary post. I skipped a week to announce that we bought a house in the suburbs. So lots to catch up on…. I will definitely miss being “neighbors” with Maddie and her husband Ryan. Our summer schedules are kind of exactly opposite right now (when we’re in…


On My Radar

I spent half the week doing the usual, in addition to some house tasks. We’re working right now with paper shades because I haven’t wanted to rush into blinds/curtains without knowing the direction for each room. They do a lot for privacy and not a lot for keeping light out. One positive though is that…


Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July! We’re celebrating down the shore for a few days. I’m sure there will be plenty of beaching, reading, and eating. (And probably more than a few late-night rounds of Spoons…. anyone else play? Things can get aggressive down here when we play! 😂) Hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday!!


Organizing the New House

This house has me excited for a lot of things and organization is, naturally, at the top of my list. It was way harder to keep things organized in my last two apartments. Namely, because they were small so everything was more like “hacks” than anything else. (Under the sink in my last apartment was so…


Versatile Slip Dress

I am OBSESSED with this slip dress. I was kind of intimidated with wearing one because I feared I wasn’t cool enough. However, when I received this one I realized just how versatile this is and it can work with all kinds of personal style. I’ve seen it online with a white button up underneath, nude…


What I Read in June

I checked my calendar four times to see if it was actually the end of the month. It’s funny that last month, I was writing about how I was so stressed that all I could muster to do for fun was read and this month, we actually did the move!!!! And I’ve had very little…