Thank You Notes

I love sending thank you notes. I think the tradition has fallen a bit to the wayside (I tend to receive texts over actual cards, which I still appreciate just as much.) But I can’t kick the paper habit. When I applied to college, I signed up for the business school because I thought I had…

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On My Radar

This past week was definitely the hardest I’ve had since the start of COVID restrictions in March. It was a culmination of a lot of things and I really can’t shake the feeling of uneasiness. I did my best to get my to-do list done as much as possible so I can fully step away…


What I Read In July

I’m really having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that August is on Saturday! I usually do this post the last day of the month, but tomorrow is Friday and I reserve that for “On My Radar.” It felt like I did more reading than I actually did in July. I had…

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Trying on Wedding Dresses at Elizabeth Johns

A few weeks ago, I went to Elizabeth Johns in Morristown to try on wedding dresses. It was really a turning point for me in the whole wedding planning process. It’s no secret that I never pictured myself as a bride or having a wedding, but now that we are… I was really starting to…


Lake Pajama Sale

A couple of weeks ago, I started getting a bunch of questions about the Lake Pajamas sale and when it would be happening. In my head I kept wondering why there was such an uptick in questions… it’s usually not until the end of July. Then I realized. Oh, it is the end of July…




Happy Monday, friends! Thought I’d do a Q&A today 🥰 I asked some questions on my Instagram story… here’s a round up of some: Picture from last year! Here’s my sweater though! WEDDING UPDATES? So I’d say a solid 60% of the questions were wedding related. I don’t want to share too much about the…


Tuckernuck Right Now

I am so into everything Tuckernuck has right now. I think they are really hitting their stride in terms of design. I have always loved their curated selection and once they started designing their own collection I was thrilled. Every collection they put out is better than the last… and this last one is no…

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Diary No. 36

Here’s a peek at the last two weeks according to my iPhone’s camera roll… Ugh this little guy. He turns seven in September and I’m really trying to figure out where on earth time has gone? He’s still just as active as he was when he was a puppy and is the BIGGEST FAN of…


On My Radar

Another week of highs and lows. As much as I love real rollercoasters, I’m very much over the rollercoaster that is 2020… Mike had some relaxing days up at the lake which was a high, but my family’s cat Pookie passed away which was very much a low. Ugh. My mom and dad had a…