7 Savory Recipes for Every Holiday Occasion

These are drool-worthy dishes from Louisa today. Cheesy breads, baked brie, nachos, popcorn… what’s not to love?! All of these are great options if you’re having people over or heading over to someone’s house for the holidays. YUM. 7 Savory Recipes for Every Holiday Occasion Guest post by Louisa from Living Lou While I love…


A Low Key Thanksgiving

We had THE BEST time and it ended up being our most low-key holiday yet… and we loved it. I go home to Tampa quite often and honestly, we do the same things over and over again. We’re at home 90% of the time and then go to our favorite places. I’m not going to…



I’m really not going to say much right now. I have no real plans today… some things to do, sure, but no specific plans. And I’m living for it. I try so hard to slow down on weekends now (best decision I ever made for myself) and it’s changed my perspective on the workweek. That’s…


Four TV Shows to Watch

Throughout most of this year, I was re-watching the entirety of The Office. It’s just so good and only gets better the more you watch it. I was kind of devastated when I finished the last episode (for the second time)…. what was I going to watch next? I do my best to read books and…


On My Radar

I am FULLY in the holiday spirit right now. Maybe it was the freak snow storm we had a couple of weeks ago. Or the fact that I’ve had a Christmas tree up in my office for the majority of the month. Or that my mom got me absolutely hooked on peppermint mochas from Starbucks…


Gal Meets Glam on Sale

I took these photos over a month ago (🤷🏻‍♀️), but I’m honestly glad I waited to post because the dress I’m wearing is 40% off right now and available in quite a few sizes still. It’s a Nordstrom exclusive dress and I hadn’t seen it really anywhere except for Nordstrom…. but it totally deserves more airtime….

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Stocking Stuffers

Opening our stockings was always my favorite part of Christmas as a kid. Our stockings would have some things in it (like candy), but generally, our stockings were laid out on a couch (one for Stacy, one for me) and then all of our gifts from Santa were scattered around the stockings. Now that I’m thinking…


A Holiday Weekend in NYC

Even though I don’t live in NYC anymore, I’m just across the Hudson River in Hoboken, so getting into the city is as easy as could be. When I lived in Connecticut, I’d go in once or twice a week because it was an hour train ride, but now I go in pretty much every…