In My Beauty Drawer

I wouldn’t say that I’m in a beauty rut right now, but I definitely haven’t been seeking out new items because I’m already happy with what I have. Sharing a few of my more “recent” obsessions. Some I’ve been a fan of for years and started using more of and others I’ve been test-driving for…


Staples I’m Adding

Even though it was so nice to pare down belongings with the KonMari method, one additional benefit was that I was more clearly able to spot holes. There were four things that I felt like I didn’t have but that would be staples in my closet. I mostly figured it out as I was going…


On My Radar

Rabbit, rabbit! Happy February. I was seeing all these memes on Instagram about how January has a gajillion days– it totally feels like it. This is a huge on my radar post this week. I blame the extremely cold temps– as you can tell, I was doing a bit more scrolling and browsing than usual!!…


My Chanel Bag

Last week, I bought a Chanel bag. For me, it was a pretty exciting moment. At the end of every year, I typically buy myself something nice as a year-end bonus. Two years ago, it was a tennis bracelet and it is one of my most treasured things. Last year, I didn’t really want anything, so…


What I Read in January

Since my reading goal for the year (52 books!) is a top priority for me, I wanted to make sure that I’m sharing what I’m reading with you guys every month. (This is also going to help me stay on track and motivated and accountable.) I have monthly recaps penciled into my editorial calendar for…

Cold Weather

Camel and Black

I can’t even pretend to wear anything besides camel, white, and black at this point. Whoops!!! Anything else just doesn’t seem to work for me in the dead of winter. Even though it’s a neutral, I’m definitely considering camel a pop of color for me! Paravel sent me this little crossbody. I actually was eyeing…


3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Time with Friends

One of the best turning points in a friendship, in my opinion, is when you get past the niceties and deep dive into vulnerability and openness. I can remember with each friend what conversation or moment crossed the line from “friendly” to true friends. Sometimes I get lazy with new friendships because, let’s be honest,…


Sweater Blazer

I actually can’t believe this is the first time I’m wearing this sweater blazer in a blog post. I bought it back in September, and it quickly became a favorite of mine. I don’t think a week has gone by since I’ve slipped it on at some point. When we were hanging onto the last…



If I learned anything from my experience with the KonMari method, it’s that I love a good neutral. Sharing a few neutrals that have caught my eye. TORY BURCH SATCHEL POLO PULLOVER CASHMERE CREWNECK MARGAUX FLATS CABLEKNIT CREWNECK SWEATER BLAZER   BOW V-NECK SWEATER  CROSSBODY