A Book & Series to Read & Watch

In light of everything going on, I toyed with the idea of dropping weekend posts. I’m going to keep them… for now, but I imagine a few posts here and there will be a little “fluffier” than normal. I’m taking things one day at a time in terms of content to keep things as fresh…


Cozy (Spend Responsibly)

As you know, I do product round ups every other Saturday. This is going to be a two-fold post. Maybe actually three-fold. I want to preface this by saying I’m sure I’m not going to say this perfectly. I’m trying my best but I’m also operating with a little 1) We need to spend responsibly….

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On My Radar

Well, this has been a week. (I think that goes without saying, but, like, have to address it.) I’ve been riding waves of emotions. Everything from panic to joy to frustration to fear to peacefulness. I’ve been trying to focus on things to be grateful for (and there are plenty even in a time like…


New At Home Workout Routine

Now that we’re home, and home for a while, I wanted to get on top of my workout routine ASAP. Working out is one of the top things that help my anxiety. While it’s nice to looked tone and it’s great to be healthy and strong, I really work out because it’s so good for…


Don’t Give Up Yard Signs

Over the past month or so, when I was driving around town, I kept noticing these very simple, very powerful yard signs with positive messages. This wasn’t like a “here and there” kind of thing either– some streets had one in every yard!!! Every single time I saw one, I smiled and also wondered where…


Focusing on Mental Health

I know last week I mentioned keeping my blog a respite from Coronavirus. But as things have intensified, I feel ridiculous for not addressing it in some way. I’m still ultimately trying to keep things positive and I’m taking my content calendar one day at a time. One thing that I wanted to mention today…


You’re Working From Home… Now What

Because of coronavirus many people are now going to be working from home. I realize this is not something that everyone can do, but if your industry and office is encouraging it… welcome to the WFH club. When I quit my job back in 2013, I went from working in an office with a bunch of…


Lean Into Social Distancing

I am not a scientist or doctor who specializes in infectious diseases. But I am an extreme introvert with not-so-minor social anxieties and friends who live in different states. I can speak towards social distancing like an expert because it’s kind of my life. I’m not making light of this at all, by the way,…


Diary No. 27

The past two weeks have been pretty low key. I had been following the Coronavirus news and was beginning to sense that things were going to be drastically changing in the US. I started to feel a little insane, trying to balance being level-headed and smart about things while also preparing for what I thought…