Diary No. 4

Back with another Diary post today. I realized that when I did the quarterly update that I forgot to include this series with my “posting more iPhone content.” I was thinking solely in terms of Instagram, but I’ve been posting iPhone pics here too, as part of this new series! Spring isn’t my favorite season, but…


On My Radar

This week was a doozy for me. I’m actually shocked it’s Friday already because it doesn’t quite seem possible. We started off the week at the vet. My poor little Teddy got hit hard with some sort of stomach bug. He’s been sick before and I’m usually pretty level-headed about it, but this time freaked me out…


Tuckernuck Collection

You all know how much I love Tuckernuck at this point. I’ve been fans of the brand before they were Tuckernuck– here’s a very old throwback post! Watching the brand grow has been amazing. I’ve been standing on the sidelines rooting from them and just wish them the best in everything they do. Because I think they…


Palm Beach in the City

This is my favorite Lilly look of all time. We’re not quite ready for summer clothes up here, but I was invited to a press preview for Lilly’s line with Pottery Barn and it called for a bold Lilly look. I wish this skirt came in more patterns because it’s, hands down, my favorite silhouette….


Quarterly Check In

Can you believe it’s already April? I know there were like 1,000 memes floating around about how January was insanely long, but somehow it still feels like we’ve moved through 2019 at warp speed. Seriously though, is it just me that feels that way??? iPhone case + crossbody (c/o) + sunglasses I figured since we’re…


6 Recipes I Make All the Time

I love hearing what people’s favorite recipes are. Especially since I know they’re definitely tried and true at that point. I’ve also been slacking a bit on my cooking goal (more on that tomorrow, whoops!), so I’m going to have to file away Louisa’s favorites!! 6 Recipes I Make All the Time Guest post by…


What I Read in March

While this is a shorter reading list than January and February, it’s my favorite one yet. I LOVED all three books that I read and couldn’t recommend each of them enough. LILAC GIRLS: 4/5 Stars I think every time I ask for book recommendations, this always comes up. I don’t know why I hadn’t read…


Straw Bag Season Is Coming Up

Just like how I’m glad to see gingham back again for another season, I’m thrilled that straw bags seem to be back even stronger than before. I have quite the collection and they are my #1 style to grab for warm weather. If you go back through my summer posts, you’ll see what I mean….


On My Radar

This week feels like a total blur: the usual work mixed with catching up with girlfriends. It went by unusually fast and the fact that we’re at the end of March is just blowing my mind. Nearly 25% done with 2019 already… how! This was from last Friday at an event for Kate Spade. Wanted…