Cereal Milk Ice Cream

One of the best places to go for a cold treat on a hot day in NYC is Milk Bar for their cereal milk ice cream. Actually, Milk Bar is always a good idea. Every single one of their snacks is delicious and addicting. The corn cookies are my absolute favorite. But I try to…


Summer Playlist

This playlist took me forever to do. I started it back in April and slowly started adding songs. Part of the problem is that I love listening to old playlists and going through Spotify’s suggested playlists/moods. I wasn’t in a big rush to finish this one… but now that it’s about an hour long, I…


Five Favorite Lip Colors Right Now

For not really being that into makeup, I have recently realized that I’m pretty particular about lipstick shades and I have my favorites. It’s not even that I have two or three, I have about eight that I find myself rotating through depending on my mood, outfit, and the occasion. Lipstick is also pretty personal….


On My Radar

Happy Friday, friends! I’m on my way to Florida this morning. So depending on when you read this, I might already be there! I’m doing a super early flight to make the most of my short weekend there. I’m flying down for my 10-year high school reunion. A bunch of my friends, who all moved…


Nautical Inspiration with Macy’s

I put together another outfit to celebrate Macy’s markdown event that starts today and runs through the 29th. Receive 20% off sale with code “BIG” at checkout. So many great things are marked down even more so now is a good time to stock up on some essentials if you’re in the market or have…


Chambray Jumpsuit

I have been experimenting with new styles. I think because I’m buying less and buying more thoughtfully, I’ve determined that I have pretty much everything I need for a staple wardrobe. It’s the fun items– like jumpsuits– that I historically haven’t purchased. My mom rocks a jumpsuit like no one’s business and I wanted to have…


10 Year High School Reunion: Advice to Myself

This weekend, I’m heading back down to Tampa for my 10-year high school reunion. In so many ways, high school feels like yesterday. There’s no way an entire decade has passed since I graduated! But in other ways, so much has happened over ten years that high school feels like eons ago. I graduated from high…


The Secret Weapon to Sticking With It

This is SUCH funny timing for this post. Maxie always sends me drafts and sometimes I’m good and queue it up early… and other times I’m lazy (like now!) and put it off until the night before. So I’m writing this intro on Sunday night and tomorrow is Day 1 of a training plan I’m…


Nordstrom Anniversary Picks

The Nordstrom anniversary sale is live for non-cardholders. Last week’s post stirred up a lot of feedback, most of which agreed that the overhype of the sale was annoying. I promise, this is going to be my one post about it and then we can go about living the rest of our lives 😉 THINGS…