Kelly’s husband Mitch and I love to geek out over the nerdiest things. We do have a group chat, but whenever things move into the nerdy side of things, we sidebar in our own conversation as to not drive Kelly crazy. The latest Amazon device? We’ve discussed it at length and convinced each other to…

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Chicken and Rice Soup from Scratch

Last week, I was in the bathroom blow drying my hair and Mike came in saying he had an idea for a video that he wanted to shoot. Like right then. As you know, he’s not a fan of being on social media pretty much at all, and I fully respect it. Usually when I…


14 Perfect Books When You Need an Escape

I have been meaning to put together a list of books that are great mental escapes. Should, you know, find yourself in the middle of a pandemic and unable to concentrate while reading as you normally would. I’m including a brief description! Trying to remember But I went through every book I’ve read since college…


Striped Perfection

This dress has patiently been hanging on my office garment rack for weeks now. (Maybe it’s actually crossed over into “months” territory actually?) I finally decided that I wasn’t going to wait for the perfect occasion or perfect weather… I’m not going anywhere anyway, so do either of those things matter? Not right now. Even…

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Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is next week. I’m sad that I won’t be able to spend the day with my mom, but I’m sure we’ll talk and FaceTime. (We are doing an Instagram Live this Monday, May 4, at 7pm EDT though! We’re making cookies.) I also already gave my mom her present a little early because…

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On My Radar

Another week and another month in the books. I’m mostly shocked it’s already May. (Insert Justin Timberlake GIF 😉) In my head, I feel like we’re frozen in the middle of March. Not too much to report on the last week. Work has largely returned to normal (minus anything in person obviously) and it feels really good to…


What I Read in April

Not my best reading month in terms of numbers. If I’m being perfectly honest, it’s because I’ve really opted to just sit in bed and needlepoint and watch TV. (I brought an old TV upstairs a couple of weeks ago and hooked up the Apple TV to it… turns out it’s just as terrible as…


Security Blankets

This post is basically a giant love letter to quilts, which are the ultimate security blanket. My mom used to make quilts and my sister and I had a small collection of special ones she had made. And there were quilts and blankets in I’m pretty sure every single room. I always had a couple in…

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Quarantine Q&A

I feel like I have done a Q&A somewhat recently, though it was pre-everything so it kind of feels like a different lifetime ago? Let’s jump right into the questions. (I asked these on Instagram!) Sweater // Jeans  Do you think you’ll have a different outlook on life or your industry after COVID-19? I think…