Diary No. 16

A day late for this one! Lots of fun things happening over the past two weeks. I was so, so excited to decorate our stoop for fall. I probably did it a little too early, but I was eager. Two straight days of 90 degrees took a toll on my orange guys so….. whoops. I’ve been…


Our Kitchen Island with Serena & Lily

This post is in collaboration with Serena & Lily!  When Mike and I were searching for our home, having a great kitchen was pretty important to us. Mike loves to cook and entertain (and he’s rubbed off on me– now I love it too!) and every time we toured a new house, we’d dream up…

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On My Radar

What a week! I’ve really thrown myself into various things around town to feel more “at home.” This week alone, I went to a tennis clinic with a friend, tried out a new book club, went into the city yesterday with a friend for a shopping event and dinner, and tonight I have a French…


Needlepoint Canvases

Needlepoint has been around a long time, but it’s totally going through a bit of a resurgence right now. After seeing one too many super cute designs on Instagram and watching my friend create a one of a kind belt for her husband, I decided to give it a try. Or, you know, jump on the…


White, But Make It Fall

While convention says white should be put away after Labor Day, I’m here to break all the rules. I do generally try to avoid the “summer white” look, but I will totally wear white and, you know, make it fall. A fun fact about these ballet flats is that I had them for over a…


30% (+ additional 10%) Off My Favorite Cashmere Sweater

If there is ONE thing I’d recommend buying for your wardrobe right now, it’s this cashmere cable knit sweater. Finding the perfect cable knit can be a challenge– especially if you wait too long into the fall/winter seasons when everything starts to sell out. While I love a chunky, cozy cable… these cashmere cable knit…

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My Tips for Audiobook Listening

I am fully aware that a) I have mentioned these tips sporadically already through other posts and b) that audiobooks are considered controversial by some. To address these two things really quickly: – Because I share my reading experiences on my Instagram (personal, and now my bookstagram), I have been getting a ton of questions about…

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Happy First Day of Fall

I have mixed feelings about today being the first day of fall. This has been such a great summer that I can’t believe it’s over and kind of wish it’d last forever. But I love the fall season and the cool mornings (it was 38 degrees one morning last week!) and changing leaves do have me eager…

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Bone “Leather” Jacket

The leaves are seriously starting to change around town and I am here for it. I love the way the leaves catch the light and flutter to the ground. Most trees are still very green (that golden September green!), but here and there a bright red one stands out. I did the big closet switch and…

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