Tuckernuck Favorites (on sale!)

Wanted to quickly round up some of my favorite things from Tuckernuck that are included in their friends & family sale right now. Almost everything is 20% off with “RINGRING” at checkout. LINEN TOP TRETORN SNEAKS SUEDE TOP FREEDOM MOSES SANDALS OVER THE KNEE WATERPROOF BOOTS BLACK SHIRTDRESS BLACK SLEEVELESS DRESS STRIPED DRESS SHOP THE…



Fall Recipes

One way I’m trying to get “in the mood” for fall (instead of dreading the impending cold….) is thinking about all the nice cozy recipes I can whip up. I think this is going to be a big season of baking for me! I hope all my local friend are ready for weekly deliveries because…


Wedding Questions, My Answers

This was a post I wrote early in July. asking you guys a bunch of questions and you delivered. Mike and I were still toying with different wedding ideas, but leaning heavily towards a short engagement and wedding in September, but wouldn’t finalize it until that weekend. Now that we’re a few weeks out from…


Fall Cozies

It has been chilly here. I don’t know if it’s the pandemic time warp or what but I don’t remember it getting this cold, this early?! We had a few days in a row where it was in the 30s (albeit high) every morning and I was *this close* to turning the heat on. (Our heat is…

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On My Radar

This week had a ton of heavy news to process. Honestly, I personally read plenty (that is, too much) news throughout the day and I go to blogs as a little mental break. I’ve always struggled with keeping my blog a blog, but this year in particular has been extra hard. Is my silence violence?…


Sweater Blazer Work From Home Edition

This sweater blazer is one of my very favorite closet staples. I wear it frequently and it’s surprisingly versatile. This is not the first, second, or third time I’ve styled it for a blog post… and you can see that it really works in so many different ways. Casual, business-y, business casual, and (now) super…

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Hygge Season

A few years ago I read The Little Book of Hygge and it really resonated with me. This is going to sound dramatic but I actually think it changed my life because it made me rethink winter. Not that I *love* winter, but I enjoy it a whole lot more with a new “hygge attitude.” I…

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Week of Outfits

I am going to introduce a new little “series” of sorts on here. Nothing groundbreaking– just a week (or weekish) of outfits I wore. Honestly I’m doing this for myself as motivation because I have been tempted to wear basically the same thing every day. And we’re starting to do ~slightly~ more things out so…


Five Things to Watch

I am almost mortified by how much television I’ve watched the past few weeks… it’s a lot. I had zero mental energy to read and instead just opted to let myself relax and watch a lot of shows. The great thing is now I have a ton of recommendations! Happy I could do the “research” for you…