The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale has usually already launched by now. I started to wonder if if they were skipping this year and I knew a bunch of you guys wondered too because I was getting DMs and emails about the date. Well… I have the OFFICIAL word that it’s on! It’s happening September 10-12th!…


Office Tour

I am not great at decorating or anything design related. It takes me forever to put rooms together. I only just felt like my Connecticut apartment looked okay right before I moved! There is a lot of space in my Hoboken apartment to decorate and, I don’t know, I think I’m kind of paralyzed with indecision….

gift ideas

Back to School

I’ve been loving all the “first day of school” pictures on my social channels. So many of my friends have kids entering kindergarten and the photos couldn’t be cuter. I think I’ll always have back to school vibes this time of year. It’s so ingrained in my head that August/September is a time to restock pencils…


On My Radar

I am having a “yes” problem right now. I go through serious phases with saying yes or no. I either stand my ground and say no to everything or I can’t help myself and say yes to everything. I wish I could figure out some kind of balance… I thought once I hit August that my travel…


Just Add a Denim Jacket

It’s hard to believe that I just got a denim jacket this year. The jacket has become such a staple in my closet that it feels like it’s been there forever. (Maybe it’s also because I have so many memories of wearing one as a kid growing up in the 90s, ha!) I especially love wearing…


My Happiest Period Ever

I’m writing this as a public service announcement for all women who have a period… my life will never be the same, haha, and I just had to share this because I wish I had tried it sooner. But first some backstory. I was a very late bloomer. I did have some periods in high school,…


The Gingham Life

I can’t believe I still have Nantucket photos. I seriously wish I could relive that week over and over again. I packed this dress for the trip and, surprise, it’s gingham. I’m all about a wrap dress but find them to be too fussy to deal with on an everyday basis, let alone while traveling. Thankfully…


4 Ways Our Friends Can Make Dreams Come True

Maxie’s book You’re Not Lost comes out TOMORROW. I got an advanced copy of it and finished it this weekend. It was amazing and I’m not just saying that because I’m her friend. I feel like everyone experiences the feeling of being lost or directionless in life. I’ve preordered it for so many of my friends already…


Cute Hair Accessories

While I love a good hair ribbon, I usually just leave my hair down or wear a boring ponytail holder. If anything. Except right now, I feel like hair accessories are having a moment and I’m kind of loving it. I haven’t purchased anything too crazy, but I feel like it’s only a matter of…