Warm Weather

Summer Weight Sweater

I talk about this a lot, but I love sweaters. Because I mostly grew up in Florida, sweaters were very impractical. We had a handful of “sweater weather” days, but they were more like “sweater morning weather” days because more often by not by 2pm it’d be warm enough. When I went to college, buying sweaters…

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Blackout Day 2020

Today is Blackout Day. The day is about economically supporting Black owned businesses. I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve recently purchased that might interest you as well. This is obviously not an exhaustive list– just sharing things I have personally purchased recently! DIANE HILL DESIGN // I cannot get over Diane Hill’s…


Summer Recipes

Our town’s farmer’s market is fantastic. Mike and I love going there every Thursday and picking up fresh produce and meats from local farms. We have our favorite vendors (like the pickle truck!), but it’s also fun to just go and get inspired to make random things with what looks the best. (I picked out…


Currently Grateful For

This year has, obviously, been a rollercoaster. While I felt like I had settled into somewhat of a routine and a “new normal,” summer has brought a new set of challenges. I feel like in a lot of ways, things are amazing personally and then in other ways, I’m really struggling. Often it’s two sides…


Etsy Finds

I have been OBSESSED with all things Etsy lately. I could easily spend hours going up and down various rabbit holes. Wanted to round up some of my favorite finds recently: Embroidered Cocktail Napkins  Pleated Shade Scalloped Applique Pillow Ring Dishes (I bought two of these!) Embroidered Pillow Mughal Flower Pillow Liberty Floral Dress Customized…

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On My Radar

Did anyone else feel like time got extra wonky this week?! I have not had the best concept of time since March and now it’s just getting weirder and weirder. Somehow it’s July? And tomorrow is already the Fourth of July? Wasn’t I just sitting outside in my yard bundled up in a puffer and…


Block Print for Days

Let me tell you… this dress is a VIBE. I am obsessed with it more than I can say and basically I want to wear it every day. I think it’s one of the best things J. Crew has released this year. So basically… everyone should get it 😂 I love the mixing of the…

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Comfy Summer Wardrobe Update

As you guys know by now, I love thredUP. It’s one of my favorite places to treasure hunt for great clothes at great prices. I’ve actually felt a little un-inspired for summer shopping, until I started going through thredUP for a few summer staples. I added so many things to my cart– I just kept…


What I Read in June

It’s time for another round up of what I read! I did read quite a bit in June. It’s notoriously a slow month for me, pandemic or not, so I try to just relish the slower days. THE KNOCKOUT QUEEN: 5/5 Stars This one surprised me. It’s about two teenage neighbors who become unlikely close…