Making Dreams a Reality

Ever since I fell in love with reading (“late” in life, I was in college!), I’ve always dreamed of owning a bookstore. It felt pretty abstract for a while. More like watching You’ve Got Mail and thinking about how wonderful it would be to own a bookstore. (Minus the whole Foxbooks taking over part.) The more…


Fun in a Blazer

I wore a super similar outfit this fall and couldn’t resist putting together a similar vibe for the winter months. Ever since I got this blazer, I have been mixing it into my outfit quite a bit. On milder days, I sub it in for a coat even. Most recently, I wore this for an…

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Diary No. 24

I’m in shock that it’s February. Last year I remember these memes going around how it was January 328 (as if there were just so many days in the month), but this year it seemed to fly by? Maybe it’s just me?? Well, here’s what I’ve been doing for the past two weeks according to…


On My Radar

Not much to report this week. It was pretty typical, which is my favorite kind of week. Two positive things: 1) I went to my first borough council meeting. It was kind of what I expected it to be like and also slightly different. (It wasn’t that far off from what you see in Gilmore Girls to…


What I Read in January

This month, I was having the HARDEST time finding books I was interested in or in the mood to read. I started and stopped four books and two audiobooks. Sometimes I feel like there are a hundred books I just can’t wait to read and other times… crickets. Maybe even my taste in books are…

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Do You Have a Hobby?

Hobbies are having a moment. I keep seeing articles shared on Facebook, Tweets talking about it, and Instagrams dedicated to them. From what I’m gathering, the common thread is that people are realizing you don’t have to (and shouldn’t) work all the time and hobbies are a great way to get some relief from that…


Shopping My Own Closet

One thing I’ve been personally working on more is to shop my own closet. I usually treat my closet with two extremes. I either wear the same four outfits over and over again. OR I stare at my closet and feel like I have “nothing” to wear. This is also the WORST time for me…

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Getting Involved

I know I’m not the only one feeling the anxiety around current events. Between the political climate (within the country and around the world) and the actual climate, I’ve felt just an overwhelming sense of unease at best and true fear at worst. With incredible environmental crises around the world and an already intense election underway,…



After spending so many years dedicating my weekends to homework, studying, and regattas in high school/college and then living in NYC and falling victim to the unhealthy “hustle,” I’ve taken weekends back. Seriously, long gone are the days where I considered the weekend just two more days to cram in more work. Part of me…

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