Happy Almost Fourth

happy fourth of july This picture is circa 1995. Sporty Sister still has that doll “Molly,” but she is not in the same condition. (Oh man, check out those velcro sneaks… I rocked those.)


Oh goodness gracious.

I have a slight obsession with grammar and have been known to send textbooks letters explaining what they said or did was wrong.  Oddly, I’m not really that great about my own grammar and I NEVER re-read my own posts because most of the time I’m in a time crunch.  There have been incidents, however,…


Fourth of July Weekend

Thank goodness we’re getting out of town this weekend.  I am incredibly sick of this rain!!!  Even if it rains while we’re at the beach, it’ll be better than being cooped up in the house. Sporty Sister is in Spain… I’m so jealous!  We’ve been getting the occasional Facebook message.  (Mine today: “I had something to tell…


Heelarious… Seriously Hilarious!

A few days ago, my family went out to dinner.  There was the cutest little baby sitting in a high chair right by our booth.  We thought she was just cute as a button.  My dad thought she had dropped a toy, so he picked it up and handed it to her mom.  Well, it…


Lilly Watercolors

I bought watercolors a few weeks ago, but I gave up trying to figure it out after about 30 minutes.  I put the paint, brushes, and paper away and sort of forgot about it.  Yesterday, though, I decided to try it out again. With my new determination, I set out to recreate some of my…


Birthday Cake

Friday was Soccer Mom’s birthday.  Stacy had a “Bon Voyage Party” (she left for Spain yesterday) with her friend’s family.  I made a cake to bring along for dessert.  I went through so many pages of Martha Stewart cakes, but none of them were right for SM’s cake. I finally found a picture of a…


Lilly Fabric Depot

As I have posted before (here and here), Soccer Mom found a bunch of Lilly’s at a fabulous consignment shop around the corner from my house.  It is literally fantastic.  We pretty much bought them out of all the best patterns.  We’ve been using the fabric to make all sorts of projects.  (Making the first…


ST Boutiques

Yesterday, Soccer Mom and I went to my absolute favorite shops.  Kate McKenzie is my NUMBER ONE favorite because it carries the absolute BEST brands: Lilly, Vineyard Vines, Lily Pad,  Molly B, Just Madras, Lacoste, and more!  The owner is just an absolute sweetheart.  She always calls my mom or me to let me know…


Blog Shoutout

Julie & Julia looks amazing! Check out the trailer HERE! Can’t wait to see it…. My two favorite things: Cooking & Writing! -College Prepster