My trusty little American Girl alarm clock. I’ve had this thing forever. I think since the fourth grade? Anyways, I love it. I’ve used it in my dorm room and everything. It projects the time on the ceiling with cute little flashing stars. Trust me, it comes in handy. During ALL kind of situations. Unfortunately,…


Gameday Girls

Sporty Sister is settling well into the college life– getting the lay of the land, right SS [ha]? Thankfully, she came home for a weekend visit. I hadn’t seen her since CHRISTMAS. That is just unacceptable for sisters. We went out on the boat as a family and we’re all sort of beginning to realize…


Embarrassing x 2 = Video Tutorial

This is really embarrassing to post. I feel like I sound like a complete idiot, and I stumble on my words a million times!!! Plus, Soccer Mom kept walking back and forth behind the camera and I was watching my cats and basically just looking around the kitchen stupidly. Anyways, I thought I’d make a…


Lilly Pulitzer Camera Strap

I’m so sick of the Yellow and Black strap from my Nikon digital slr. I received it for Christmas sometime during high school… and it’s been staying at home in Tampa instead of coming up to school with me. But I’m planning on using it a ton this year at school, so it’s making the…


Winner, Winner, Winner, Winner, and Winner!

It’s time to announce the WINNERS (all 5!) of College Prepster’s BIG Giveaway! But first, let me tell you how thankful I am for all of you guys. I loved reading everyone’s comments and I was so excited about the enthusiasm behind the giveaway! 1) The winner of Preppy Paper Girl’s personalized wall art is……..



It’s no secret that I love my Longchamp! I bought it on a trip to visit my best friend Colie Bolie in Boston and I have never looked back. I’ve done this post I think before with my purse (definitely with my coxswain bag), but I thought I would do this one COMPLETELY uncensored. Like,…


Nook Case Cover Tutorial

As you may know, I recently purchased a Nook (the Barnes and Noble E-reader) and LOVE it. Currently, I have a boring plain case to protect it. I am, of course, waiting to get a Lilly Pulitzer one… [Soccer Mom: My birthday is in about a month, wink wink 😉 ] Well, while I wait,…


Preppy Wallpaper for Laptop

Did you notice my desktop wallpaper on the post about my new hard drive? Well, I’ve decided to share it with YOU, my fabulous readers! I’m loving the stack of books in the watercolor! This is actually an image from Kate Spade. I really hope the artist doesn’t mind me using it to spruce up…


Organize, Please- Bathrooms

“Enough organization, enough lists and we think we can control the uncontrollable.” – John Mankiewicz(^ The last name gives me a really bad feeling in my stomach. If you go to Georgetown and knew me last year, you know why.) I’ve been reading all the comments you guys have been posting on my Giveaway post…