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I Miss You Packages

Remember two posts back when I showed off the goodies I had been baking?  Well, what I couldn’t mention was that the “Soccer Player Cookies” were for two of my rowers from school! I miss California Funk and Georgetown Boy so so so much!  (And you too, Lili Lover!)  I think it’s very wonderful that…


College Prepster GIVEAWAY!!!

I am SO excited to host my first GIVEAWAY!  I’ve been blogging for almost six months now and never could have guessed how much I would grow to love it.  My blog has opened many doors for me and I have you, my readers, to thank.   This GIVEAWAY is also the kick off for my…



I can’t begin to tell y’all how amazing it is to be home!  I just love not having classes or homework or crew practice…  I was looking forward to warm and sunny weather after all the rain DC had this spring, but it seems like I have brought the rain down south!  Florida has literally…


I’m Back!!!

My closet at home is seriously a third of the size of my entire dorm room!  I’m so happy to have my walk-in back!!!! Oh goodness, it has been a week! We got word that the 1F (the first freshman boat) would not be going to the IRA regatta in June on Tuesday.  I had…



Weekend Recap: The bus left the hilltop for Worcester, MA at around 7ish on Friday.  The bus driver was literally horrible.  We didn’t take any major highways and were swerving off the road and kept braking really hard and quickly.  We stopped in New Jersey at 11 and checked into a hotel for the night….



I’m packing for two reasons: 1) It’s SUMMER & 2) We’re leaving for Worcester, MA for Eastern Sprints tonight! My room is SO barren right now.  I almost feel like I’m camping because I’m down to literally the bare essentials.  I spent almost all of Wednesday packing boxes.  Thankfully, my room was very organized so it…


6:15 am Practice

The team is gearing up for a big regatta this Sunday!  Eastern Sprints is in Massachusetts this year.  It’s really close to the town I lived in when I was younger.  My best friend in the entire world is going to try to make it and I’m super excited about that. But, I’m also really…



Can you spot my monogram? This one only took about 30 minutes. Like all Type-A perfectionists, I am slightly addicted to Sharpies.  I don’t know how anyone can resist them. Last week, I was shopping with California Funk and Lili Lover.  They were coming back from practice and I met up with them at Ralph…


Little V is Famous!

Well pretty much 🙂 V and her boyfriend made the front page of the New York Insider TV website!  How fabulous do they look? Little V and I went to go see “17 Again” last night.  It started off really cheesy and bad and I was annoyed I spent almost 11 dollars on the ticket (when…